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TSINTAR AYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TSINTAR AYA


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TSINTAR AYA Complete Document Written By Billy Galadanci


All the people around him struggled to keep up, both in front and behind, but they failed due to Hamood's incredible speed. It was as if he were flying through the air. He glanced at his watch from time to time, adjusting his pace between walking and running in a seamless motion, even rolling up his shirt sleeves while in motion. His followers dashed like frantic insects, and upon returning to the palace, they were met with curious gazes, aware of Hamood's condition, and whispered accusations of hypocrisy.

Finally, they arrived at the palace, where Hamood gathered all the elders and high-ranking officials, including the minister, war commander, and secretary. At the center sat the majestic king on a throne made of pure gold, inscribed with the words "Daulatul Dinar." Hamood bowed as a sign of greeting, but no words escaped his mouth, leaving an unsettling silence for what seemed like an eternity.

After a while, his father, Martaba, spoke up, questioning Hamood about bringing girls into battle—a grave crime that the kingdom could not forgive. He advised Hamood that outside the kingdom, he could do as he pleased, as the Creator watches all. The silence hung heavy in the air, lasting about thirty minutes, but Hamood remained still, not moving or looking up, unable to deny or refute the accusations.

Martaba dismissed him, and Hamood respectfully left. As he ran with his eyes closed, his followers continued to follow him in a frenzy. When he reached his desired spot, he stopped, breathing heavily. One of his elder followers handed him a pen and paper, and he quickly wrote, "Next week," showing that something significant was about to unfold.

Exhausted and in pain, Hamood instructed his followers to deal with the matters and give him a written explanation. He reminded them that he was overseeing everything. They thanked him and assured him they would comply. Hamood ran back and forth a few times before returning to his room. The workers repairing the floor observed him closely, and he acknowledged their greetings before settling down.

In the parlor, Hamood enjoyed the cold air from the standing AC, put his hands in his pockets, and sat on a battery. Two young girls were there, trying to repay a debt, which made him appear younger. They discussed him, expressing surprise at his polite behavior with women and speculating about his marital status. They joked and laughed together, making him briefly lose his composure before regaining his composure and responding to them in Kanzil, his voice slightly shaky for the first time.

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