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RABUWA CE SANADI Complete Hausa Novel Document by RABUWA CE SANADI


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RABUWACE SANADI Complete Document Written By Queen Meemi


The main road in the town of Bunkure was bustling with people when suddenly, a bomb exploded, causing chaos and panic. Among the crowd, a young girl of about three years old was crying and shaking, desperately looking for her parents. The sound of gunshots further frightened her, and she was left alone, covered in urine and blood. A man tried to help her but was shot by soldiers, leaving the girl traumatized and running away in fear.

A kind man passing by saw the distressed girl and decided to help her. He took her and four other children to Mangalu village, hoping to find their parents there. After dropping off the other children with a market king who promised to take care of them, the man continued to search for the little girl. He finally found her sitting on the side of the street, eating bread and crying.

He confirmed that she was the one he was looking for and took her to the police station to report the incident. The police began searching for her parents while the man continued to announce the incident to help find the girl's family.

The situation was tragic, but the man's compassionate actions and the efforts of the community gave hope for reuniting the lost children with their parents.

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