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'YA'YANA JARINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by 'YA'YANA JARINA


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Author: Fauzeeya Madaki ,

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'YA'YANA JARINA Complete Document Written By Fauzeeya Madaki



At half-past five in the evening, two young men were sitting peacefully, enjoying their meal. Suddenly, one of them noticed his bowl of food being taken away, and when he looked up, he saw his father standing there with a sigh. Confused, he asked his father where his day went.

His father, Abbah, retorted, "Listen, young man, what kind of person are you? I didn't want to see you in my house again. You even dare to eat the food in my house. It's not your place." He turned away, saying, "I don't know who you think you're talking to, but by the way, my son is not your kind. Leave."

The young man tried to speak, pleading with his father not to separate him from Nabeelah, but Abbah interrupted him, saying, "What can you possibly hold on to? Do you want me to be devoured by my own stubbornness? Well, it's not going to happen. Look at that beautiful girl and blow in her ear, then let's go. A few holidays won't be a difficult marriage." He walked away, leaving the young man heartbroken.

As the young man left, it seemed like he was about to cry. He returned home, dejected and sad.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Abbah was expressing his frustration to a woman named Nabeelah, asking her who had come to visit her. Nabeelah informed him that it was Al-Ameen who had visited her.

Al-Ameen was Abbah's friend and he said, "I can feed him, but he must bring me Nabeelah as the one he wants to marry."

Amused by the situation, Nabeelah's mother laughed and said, "Ha ha, son of God, you are trying to buy respect from this young man. He wants to marry your sister-in-law, but you should accept his food."

Abbah remained determined, claiming that he had pursued Nabeelah for a long time, and now she was following this young man. However, he declared that he would be the one to decide on the marriage and then retired to his room.

Observing the scene, I couldn't help but think, "Oh God, may they understand the truth before it's too late."

In another setting, two girls were sitting on a bed, each with an iPhone 11+ in their hands, seemingly chatting and having fun. When the door of the room opened, they quickly hid their phones and grabbed books to pretend they were reading.

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