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KAWAR 'YATA CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by KAWAR 'YATA CE


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Author: Sumayya A Shehu ,

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KAWAR 'YATA CE Complete Document Written By Sumayya A Shehu


She lay on a beautiful bed, crying pitifully as if her soul was about to perish. She heard footsteps approaching, so she intensified her cries as the person slowly opened the door and entered.

He closed his eyes, looking at her with a heartache, feeling like a spear had pierced his heart. Slowly, he approached her, climbing onto the bed. She recoiled, standing up like an insect.

Then, in tears, she stood before him, clasping her hands together, and said, "Daddy, son of God, please let me live my life, please."

"Daddy, what about me, your daughter? Don't do this to me," she pleaded. Her father burst into a pitiful cry.

As he witnessed her tears, he felt like his soul was being crushed, for he could not bear to see a woman cry, not even his beloved daughter. But even in his desperation, he knew there was no escaping God's judgment.

In the midst of his thoughts, he heard her say something and quickly looked up, hoping she was the one speaking unconsciously.

His mind was filled with anxiety as he checked her body. He shook her, but there was no response.

His body trembled, and he applied water to her face. "Alhamdulillah," she came back to her senses, slowly getting up and sharing how she felt.

"Fateema, I'm sorry. By God, you are my child. It is God's will that I will marry you."

Everyone present couldn't comprehend her words and burst into tears.

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