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DAME AKE ADO Complete Hausa Novel Document by DAME AKE ADO


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Author: Jamila Umar Tanko ,

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DA ME AKE ADO Complete Document Written By Jamila Umar Tanko


There was a crazy girl surrounded by children who teased and taunted her while she lay on the ground, crying in agony. At the same time, a woman, unfamiliar to the neighborhood, came by, and her husband from the neighborhood of Yadauko intervened, scolding the children and dispersing them. The woman remained alone, kneeling and weeping.

A passerby noticed her and approached in concern, asking what had happened. But the crazy woman's speech was incoherent, and it seemed she couldn't hear the man's words either. Suddenly, she exclaimed, "Oh God, I'm dying!" The man realized she was in labor and saw blood flowing from under her. He exclaimed, "Subhanallah, it's a birth, not something to regret." The children didn't leave but continued to shout. The man took the woman to his attic and gently pushed her away.

Inside the house, Soron Yanufi called his wife, Deeje, who met him as he ascended the stairs and kicked him. Zannuwa called out for Lami, their mother, who was inside their house.

The man rushed to get a car and took the bleeding woman to the hospital, praying fervently for her survival. He worried about her poverty and struggles but was determined to help her.

Deeje urged him to invoke the name of God, and the mad woman, with all her strength, began to recite "subhanallahi" slowly. They comforted her and tried to convince her to go to the hospital, but she insisted she would die and identified herself as Asma. Amidst her distress, she remembered to say "Innallillahi, Ilaihi Rajuun." The man's emotions overwhelmed him, and he wept for their situation.

The man decided to inform the authorities to take care of the child and the woman's body. He left the house to take care of the necessary arrangements while Deeje looked at the child with a tender heart, growing to love the baby. What the future held for them, she wondered.

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