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KE ALKHAIRI CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by KE ALKHAIRI CE


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Author: Biebie Isa ,

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KE ALKHAIRI CE Complete Document Written By Biebie Isa



At Umaru Musa Yaradua University in Katsina, known to be situated outside the city, the first-class students of the Department of Microbiology were exhausted after a series of lectures that lasted from 4 to 6 in the evening. Mimi, accompanied by her two friends, looked at the darkening sky and remarked how they might end up spending the night at the hostel due to the distance from the city and the possibility of rain.

Usheey suggested requesting the lecturer to reschedule the classes or hold them on Wednesdays in the morning. Meanwhile, another friend, wearing a nikab, urged them not to let the buses get crowded, as men tend to be inconsiderate in such situations.

The trio continued walking, noticing that the school buses had already departed. Miemee expressed concern about walking for another twenty minutes. Usheey proposed staying at a certain location while considering their options.

As they walked, their friend wearing the nikab started crying and pleaded not to be left behind. Eventually, they decided to wait for a car to give them a lift. They were approached by a black car with tinted windows, which hit them slightly before reversing. Miemee was hesitant at first, but when the driver signaled them to get in, they decided to accept the offer.

The encounter with the occupants of the car, two individuals referred to as Ninja Chann and Maalesh, turned awkward when Maalesh, the one wearing the niqab, refused to remove it despite Ninja's request. The situation left the girls feeling disappointed, and they wondered if the occupants were planning to help them at all.

Once they were back on the road, they speculated about the identity of one of the car's occupants, believing him to be Azababen's guy. The friend wearing the nikab laughed off their speculations, no longer seeing that as her priority. She decided to look forward to being at home.

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