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ZURFIN CIKI 1 to 4 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZURFIN CIKI 1 to 4


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Author: Jamila Umar Tanko ,

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ZURFIN CIKI 1 to 4 Complete Document Written By Jamila Umar Tanko


Ummi was known for her energetic and playful nature, often running and jumping while singing her songs. However, one day she encountered a girl named Fiddausi, who seemed to be luckier than her in every aspect. Fiddausi taunted Ummi, claiming to have the paradise's secrets that frightened her. In fear, Ummi confronted Fiddausi and held her waist tightly, demanding to know the truth. Fiddausi denied provoking her, but Ummi didn't believe her and choked her neck, accusing her of speaking ill about her.

Fiddausi, scared, explained that it was God's will and that she didn't mean to harm Ummi. Ummi released her grip and left Fiddausi crying. She ran home, leaving her peanut butter behind. At home, Ummi's family was facing difficult times, with no food to eat. Her mother decided to seek help from relatives, but her sister, Aziza, rejected the idea of relying on others' inheritance, emphasizing the impermanence of worldly possessions.

Meanwhile, Fiddausi's mother arrived, and Fiddausi complained about Ummi's behavior. Ummi defended herself, blaming Fiddausi for provoking her. The situation escalated, and the old woman intervened to prevent a fight. Later, Fiddausi's mother confronted Ummi about the incident, but Ummi explained that she sent her to buy oil. The old woman comforted Fiddausi, and peace was restored.

However, Ummi was still upset and decided to confront her father, Abba. She found him in his room and demanded the money he owed her. Abba ignored her and locked himself in the room. The old woman tried to mediate but to no avail. Ummi felt betrayed by her father's actions and vowed to repay him for everything he had done to her.

In anger, Ummi left to call Abba for lunch, wearing Mkrnt's clothes. The old woman asked her to take tea to Abba, but Ummi's mind was consumed by thoughts of revenge.

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