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BOYAYYEN MUTUM Complete Hausa Novel Document by BOYAYYEN MUTUM


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Author: Aisha Muhammad Maman Shakur ,

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BOYAYYEN MUTUM Complete Document Written By Maman Shakur


In the forest, six tall trees stood tall, untouched by any signs of repair. Each tree had a shooting target vector attached to it, and a large table was placed in the open field, inviting visitors to aim for a good report ????.

Not too far from the trees, a black powerbike came to a stop, its engine making familiar noises. I observed the man on the bike as he dismounted. He was dressed in a straight leg trim trouser and a black Versace Greco hoodie. His hands were adorned with black men's gloves, and a black backpack rested behind him. Methodically, he turned off the machine by gently pressing the key. Stepping on the bike's brake, he brought it to a complete stop before gracefully dismounting and standing tall in his red shirt.

His appearance was striking, with a black mask covering his whole head and face, and glasses resembling those worn by soldiers, obscuring most of his features. Only the bridge of his nose was visible through a small mesh. After putting his hat back on the powerbike, he checked a complex watch on his glove's tail. His movements were confident and lion-like as he walked towards the trees.

At the middle of the table, he stopped and surveyed the area before placing his backpack on the table and securing it. Pulling out two M9 Beretta guns, he carefully examined them before setting up for target practice. Each shot was meticulously aimed, and he skillfully adjusted the vectors on his glasses and body. The guns fired precisely, sending the bullets to hit their targets.

As the practice continued, he expertly reloaded the guns and fine-tuned his shots. It took about an hour before he was satisfied, packing up the equipment and putting his backpack back on. A glance at his watch confirmed that he was ready to leave.

Meanwhile, near a big house in the forest, there was a parking lot. A car pulled up and entered the compound, which housed several large cars and a grand mosque. Inside the black Lexus car sat a prominent woman, and the driver, Adam, tried to start the car but it wouldn't turn on.

A tall, brown-skinned girl in a school uniform approached the car, smiling at her mother, who was already inside. As she got in, a young man named Ahmad came out with a food flask. Ahmad playfully shouted, calling her "Nadeera." She playfully declined and then quickly accepted the flask before heading towards the car. Ahmad's authoritative presence was felt as he held a club in his hands, and Nadeera teasingly pretended to be handcuffed.

With laughter in her eyes, she reminded Ahmad that she didn't want to run away. She playfully turned away from him, leaving a sense of fun and warmth between them.

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