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KARSHEN DUNIYA 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARSHEN DUNIYA 1


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Author: Zahra Bukar ,

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KARSHEN DUNIYA Complete Document Written By Zarah Bukar


"Hearing the footsteps, he stood up, with the girl clinging to him. The mother, who was sweating, appeared to be worried. 'You look pale. Is Sarki Saleh bothering you? Give her to me. Lately, this girl has been acting out and saying, "You're the only one. You won't let me study."' she said, taking the girl in her arms.

'Charaf, don't make fun of me. Ever since I brought her out, she's been quietly playing with her. If you read, I'll take Miki outside with her. She'll get some fresh air, and I'll buy her halwa while I smoke cigarettes.' he said, finishing his task as they arrived home.

'Yes, and what about you? Fetch water for bathing, fix it, and wash yourself. Give me the newspaper,' she said, laughing.

He laughed too and said, 'By God, my friend, I wish I could study as you do. I want to learn, what does it feel like?'

'Hhhhh, you better hurry up and fix it before my strict dad returns, or I'll get scolded.'

She went to the phone room and picked up the call after breastfeeding the baby.


'Mr. Alh, this is my friend Muheeb, I explained everything to him. And he says he can do it too. It's my secret.'

Once he examined Muheeb, he asked, 'What about Anya? I told you this is a secret; we don't want to hire someone who will cause us trouble.'

Muheeb jumped up and swore, 'Who am I going to tell? I want the money, no matter the situation. I'm not afraid, I promise you, God, I won't say anything.'

His knees hit the ground, trying to show his sincerity. Alhjin wanted to know why but also set strong conditions for them in the future. 'Can you keep this a secret?'

'Yes,' he quickly answered.

'Well, before anything else, let's go inside. I'll test you first. How skilled are you before we proceed?'

Muheeb promptly stood up and followed Alhjin to a room after instructing Abdul to come out.

________"Oyoyo Oyoyo, do you think anyone sees you as a rival? Lale lale kedawa tonight?"

At the palace of a beautiful old woman, Daria Azeema teased. She patted the granny's shoulder and said, 'Chab, the old lady is quite lovely, unlike you, right? Chab, I passed by and noticed a girl getting jealous of the one who arrived from outside. I was on the road.'

The old woman replied, 'Please go to your house before you pass judgment. I, too, can go on the road where you are, but I wouldn't act like a mosquito.'

Their argument was interrupted by the greeting of Tahseenah, who was standing behind them, saying, 'You old woman, your voice is so loud it seems like you're the only one in the neighborhood.'

'Mtsw, with your short temper, the girl is being a bit stubborn. You failed to marry her, and I lost the mother who is in your house,' she said, looking at their father Tahseenar with a sly smile.

Abba heard about a new woman in front of him. Although he is married, he feels a sense of unease whenever someone mentions Tahseenah or love.

As they all ate their food, the atmosphere was quiet, with everyone retiring to bed, except for the parents who stayed in their father's room. They finished their tasks and put gloves on their son's ears because he couldn't sleep in the dark, no matter what they tried. That's how he ended up, feeling uneasy.

Later, he saw the shadow of a man in the back of the room. The room felt tense. Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'un. The children were peering from the window, unaware of what was happening.


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