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ZABIN SHI NE Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZABIN SHI NE


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ZABIN SHI NE Complete Document Written By Mom Islam


In a modest house with two rooms, one for our mother and the other for our brother and sister, a kitchen is situated on the opposite side, along with the quarters for our servants. I was seated on the couch, my natural blush evident as I don't wear makeup. My mother, who was sitting on the mat, looked at me and instructed, "Umaimah, prepare the rice and take care of it. You have until half past ten, 10:30 am." I replied, "Mama, I'll rest tomorrow." In haste, I gathered the rice and the clothes I was wearing in a large basket (kula). Mama was yet to speak when a friend entered to greet her and admired Mama's earrings. May God bless them both.

After a long journey, we arrived at the gas station where women were selling their wares. By God's will, the food had already sold out before we could ask for any. Some girls around me suggested, "Umaimah, wait for us, let's go together." I picked up my bucket and proceeded, feeling a strange sensation as if I were being followed. When I stopped, I was approached by two young men who seemed drunk. Fearful, I dropped the bucket and one of them moved closer, but I managed to escape their grasp and ran towards a more populated area. They soon gave up and left, laughing at my panicked reaction.

Breathless and terrified, I sought refuge at a shop and burst into tears. The kind shopkeeper, Bismilah, comforted me and said, "Hold your head up." I thanked him, and he inquired if there was no food at home today. With a heavy heart, I walked back home, contemplating what to tell my mother upon my arrival.

Yaya Haidar, my brother, greeted me as I stood in the hall, and he asked, "Umai, what happened?" I explained how the food was stolen, and he chuckled, teasing me about my misadventure. Undeterred, I retorted, "I don't care! Some scoundrels caught me, and I had to run for my life!" Meanwhile, our mother, busy making night soup, raised her voice and scolded, "Oh, Umaimah, if you don't fetch the necessities, God help your soul!"

Haidar suggested that we retrieve the items tomorrow and take a break from the errands. Mom chimed in, rebuking Haidar for not providing money for shopping, given our father's absence.

Upon leaving the house, we took the road that led us to the place where the young men had accosted me earlier. As we approached, Haidar went ahead, and I followed. However, before Haidar could enter the area, he was ambushed, and his face was covered. I panicked, shouting that I would go in and they would kill my brother. I frantically searched for help, but the men overpowered me and dragged me into an empty room, shutting the door behind us.

Be with Us

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