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HUKUNCIN ALLAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by HUKUNCIN ALLAH


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HUKUNCIN ALLAH Complete Document Written By Aisha Ali Garkuwa


"Zahra! Zahara!" he called out repeatedly, but she seemed oblivious to his calls. She danced energetically, the short skirt around her waist swaying with each movement. Some might even call her Tayani, given the way she was dancing so freely and joyfully. Her little dress was a bit tight, accentuating her plump figure, but she didn't seem to mind. Her hair was tied in a messy bun, covered by an old scarf.

In the background, a song played, titled "Zahra-Zahra, you are a star, Zahra-Zahra, you are beautiful." The young people sitting in front of the shop laughed and cheered as they watched Zahra's spirited performance. She handed out sweets, receiving applause and admiration.

Yusuf rushed over as fast as he could, almost stumbling in his haste. Zahra turned to see him approaching, and with a playful smile, she closed her eyes and swayed to the music, ignoring his attempts to get her attention. In response, he playfully pinched her ear, trying to bring her back to reality. Zahra let out a loud voice, playfully calling him her "aunty" and asking him to let go of her ear. But despite the playful banter, he pulled her along with him towards their house, pretending to be strict.

As they entered the house, Auntyn went straight to the parlor, followed closely by Mama. Yusuf joined them and asked if he had caused Zahra any discomfort by pulling her ear. Auntyn reassured him, saying that it's just part of their playful interactions and that children have their own ways of expressing themselves. She advised him to let Zahra be, as she's just a child and will outgrow these playful antics.

Later on, Yusuf headed to the bedroom and then the bathroom. He expressed his concerns to Auntyn, mentioning that he doesn't like the attention Zahra gets from others when she dances and that he worries about her safety. Auntyn told him to go and pray, emphasizing that children should be trusted to their parents' care, and it is a parent's responsibility to protect and guide them.

Meanwhile, Zahra had crossed the road to join her friends near Allon school. She playfully interacted with Amira, the teacher's daughter. However, when she noticed Amira's leg ulcer, she told her to cover it, not wanting to see the pain. Amira refused to cover it, leading to some noise and commotion. Bappa Jangirden, the school supervisor, intervened and raised his whip to restore order among the students.

In a surprising turn of events, Zahra used her shoe to alleviate Amira's pain by placing it on the ulcer. Amira cried out in pain, and Bappa Jangirden looked on, bewildered by what he saw. Zahra decided to leave and headed back home.

Back at home, Yusuf expressed his concerns to Auntyn, emphasizing the need for parental care and vigilance, especially in the current times. Mama supported his sentiment, acknowledging the importance of protecting their children's innocence and safety.

In the end, Zahra's carefree spirit and playful nature may bring joy to others, but it also brings about a sense of responsibility and concern for those around her. As she grows, her family will continue to navigate the challenges and joys of parenting, ensuring she is nurtured and protected throughout her childhood.

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