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A WANI GIDA Complete Hausa Novel Document by A WANI GIDA


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A WANI GIDA Complete Document Written By Nabila Rabiu Zango


Alhaji Bature's residence is a spacious house designed to accommodate two families, with his portion positioned in the center. Each family has its own section, featuring a separate entrance, a living room, and two rooms for the women.

His first wife, Eve, is lovingly referred to as Mama by the children of the household. She has three children – two boys and one girl – named Farouk, Fahad, and Farida, respectively. Alhaji Bature's second wife, Jamila, is called Inne by the children and has two kids, a boy named Faisal and a girl named Fatima. Alhaji Bature himself is a highly dedicated and passionate individual with a profound interest in education, and he serves as the principal of a boys' school in Mani town, Katsina state.

One of Alhaji Bature's wives is from Mani town, his hometown, while the other is from Yar Mashi. He takes great pride in his hardworking children, especially their remarkable reading skills. Alhaji Bature has a rule of naming his children with names starting with the letter "F."

Farouk attends a private school in Mani and is currently in Primary 6, Fahad is in Primary 4, and Farida is in Primary 2. However, Inne's children haven't been putting in enough effort in their studies, leading Alhaji Bature to transfer them to a government school, where Faisal is now in Primary 3, and Fatima is in Primary 1.

Alhaji Bature's preference for Mama's children over Inne's stems from his trust in her decision-making and management abilities. Despite facing gossip from the town's people, Alhaji Bature's behavior and actions have never prompted any complaints.

On a Monday evening, Mama is busy preparing for the school week ahead. She instructs her children to wash and dry their clothes. Fahad cleans the living area in anticipation of Alhaji Bature's return home. Upon his arrival, the children greet him warmly and proceed to assist him with his needs.

Alhaji Bature has a customary habit of acknowledging Mama first when he arrives home, demonstrating his love and respect for her. The family bonds closely and maintains a warm atmosphere in the home. They consider the gate area as their living room for evening gatherings.

Overall, the family cherishes their moments together, and Alhaji Bature expresses his gratitude for the dedication and care shown by his children, especially Fahad. He is content with the love and support they provide and wishes them continued success and blessings.

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