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MIJINA SIRRINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by MIJINA SIRRINA


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"Oyoyo yaya kabeer..., oyoyo yaya kabeer.." echoed the children's joyful cry from the courtyard as they played and quarreled, seeking to prove themselves right. When they caught sight of the young man's entrance, they all rushed to him, the one in the pristine white shirt and a handsome hat he had been keeping for a while. A broad smile graced his face as he embraced the children, numbering about four in total.

Meanwhile, from her spot in the kitchen, Gamida stole a glance again, making sure not to be seen by him, even though she knew he had noticed her presence. Ever since he came to the house, her melancholy had forced her to hide, crouching behind the fridge. Through the window, she watched as he engaged with Amira and Waleeda, her younger sister. Soon, Amir and Husna joined in the fun, the older ones jumping in excitement as he produced some chocolate coconut samples from his pocket, offering them to the children.

Acknowledging Amira's seniority, he knelt and spoke to her, initiating a conversation. "Amira, where is my mother?" he asked. "Is she in Abba's living room?" Amira responded, "How is NADIA?" "She's in the kitchen, mom doing the dishes," she replied. Satisfied, he stood up, aware of her whereabouts due to the commotion of his entry. When he heard her approaching, he quickly hid himself, running away with the children. Amira followed, leading him to Abba's living room.

He halted to bid goodbye to Mom, and she responded, granting him permission. He then made his way into the living room, where Mom sat beside Dad, engaged in conversation with a few bowls of food. He noted that he had returned late from work. Walida and Amira followed him into the room, accompanying him as they all settled down, each finding their place to sit with modesty and respect.

Seeing him, they all began to loosen up, and he straightened himself on the couch, beaming. "Kabeeru, are you just coming now? Welcome," Abba greeted warmly. Shy and slightly embarrassed, Kabeer looked up at Abba. "Oh, by the way, father, that's when I came in. I'm here to greet you because I haven't had a chance to do so in the last two days. I've been unable to come in," he explained. Abba chuckled and glanced at Kabeer. "Oh, Kabeer, how long has it been since you graced the house? I'm only teasing, but you hardly ever visit. You used to come every day. Did you forget?" he teased, while Mom's lips curved into a smile, her expression subdued, concealing her praise.

"Alhaji, his visits were regular before, and it doesn't seem like it's been more than a week. His absence is lamentable," she interjected, her voice resonating through the room. Abba laughed and reclined, glancing at Kabeer, who adjusted himself on the seat and initiated a greeting to Mom.

For a while, the living room fell silent, with Kabeer now the focus of Mom and Dad's attention. He could no longer engage with them as freely as before. Observing him sitting quietly for a moment, Abba began to converse with the elders, occasionally including Mom in the discussion, making Kabeer realize that his relationship with Mom and Dad had changed. Their dynamic was no longer the same.

Sensing the tone of the conversation, Abba shifted to another topic, understanding that any more statements along those lines would not sit well with Kabeer and Nadiya's mother. Leaving the room, Kabeer made his way to the kitchen and stopped at the entrance, noticing her standing there mopping the floor after finishing her chores.

The young girl, barely fifteen, had a fair complexion, her face revealing no trace of cosmetics. She wore a green outfit with a small box neatly tied to her hair. "Hello to work," he greeted, smiling as he stood by the kitchen door. "Hello, and how are you, Kabeer?" she replied, clapping slowly, her words tinged with humility. "Good morning, King Kabeer," she added. Remembering that she had neglected to greet him, she grew slightly nervous. "How are you today?" he inquired, playfully teasing her about making eye contact. "I won't answer until you look at me in the eyes," he stated, grinning. He understood the difficulty, but it wasn't about shyness; he would never allow her to feel uncomfortable making eye contact with him.

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