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MATAR DAMUSA Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATAR DAMUSA


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Author: Asma'u Muhammad Auwal Asmeetah ,

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MATAR DAMUSA Complete Document Written By Asmeetah


The atmosphere was heavy with emotion as an old woman recounted her past to her daughter, Ayush. Ayush listened intently, her eyes full of concern and compassion for her mother, Umma.

Umma, deeply distraught, confessed to Ayush, "I want to seek forgiveness from God for my grave mistake in life. I fear I may not live long enough to ask for Junaid's forgiveness."

Confused and worried, Ayush urged her mother to confide in her. "Who is Junaid? What did you do to him? I can pray for you, Umma, but I need to know what troubles you."

Umma, fraught with self-loathing, looked at Ayush and shared, "I hate myself. My actions will only bring you suffering. But before I tell you, I need your forgiveness, my dear."

Surprised by her mother's request, Ayush forgave her immediately. With a sad smile, Umma lamented the consequences of her actions on Ayush's life. "My life is worthless now, but I worry about the impact on you. People despise us. They hate us because of my misdeeds."

Umma pointed towards a nearby room, explaining, "You know that room, Kara's room? That's where we have been living in this forest. You asked me about your father, but I couldn't answer you back then. I didn't want you to run away. Now, I'm prepared to face any consequences."

Taking a deep breath, Umma revealed her name, Agatha, and her Ghanaian origins. She recounted losing her parents in a tragic accident, leaving her without any familial support. Despite her Christian father and Muslim mother, their families had disapproved of their union, leaving her isolated.

Desperate and alone, she had turned to prostitution to survive. It was during this dark period that she met a wealthy Nigerian man who rescued her and introduced her to Islam. She changed her name to Bara'atu and found solace in her new life. However, her love for this man remained unreciprocated, and her jealousy consumed her.

Umma explained how she sought the help of a powerful witch to win his affection. The witch demanded a steep price, including a large sum of money, the blood of a male child, and Umma's own body. Eventually, the witch used Junaid's blood to fulfill her dark purposes, leading to tragic consequences.

Ayush was aghast, grappling with the shocking revelations about her mother's past and the unforeseen implications on her own life. Despite the turmoil, she comforted Umma, reassuring her of her love and forgiveness.

Umma continued her tale, explaining how her presence had caused strife between her lover and his wife. The situation escalated, leading to her lover's untimely death and the subsequent societal ostracization of Umma and Ayush. They were forced to seek refuge in the forest, where they lived in isolation, haunted by the shadows of their past.

Ayush listened, her heart heavy with the weight of her mother's burden. She asked her about Junaid's condition and the dangers posed by the witch's actions. Umma shared that Junaid's life was now intertwined with theirs, and any harm that befell Ayush would be mirrored in Junaid's life. Umma revealed that Ayush held the key to undoing the curse that bound them.

Ayush, her mind reeling from the revelations, looked at her mother with a mix of empathy and determination. "Umma, we will find a way to break this curse. We will save Junaid and ourselves from this darkness."

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