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DIJAH QAYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DIJAH QAYA


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DIJAH QAYA Complete Document Written By Asma'u A Galadima


Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!!

An elderly man from Fulani hurried along, dressed in traditional Fulani attire - a light green Shara, trousers, and a hat affixed to his shoes. His eyes drooped with worry, and he clutched a white cane. His beautiful granddaughter, Kore Kore, accompanied him, her concerned expression mirroring his.

He rushed to the doctor's office, attempting to join the long line of people waiting, only to find it impenetrable. On the other side, he spotted a solitary room without a queue. Without hesitation, he made his way to the room. Inside, a young man sat at a desk, sporting blue jeans, a light pink shirt, and a white-collared lab coat. His glasses perched on his nose, he appeared to be around 27, with a handsome, full head of hair. Next to him, a nurse arranged files.

Approaching the young man, the elderly man exclaimed, "Doctor, my daughter is dying! Please, I implore you, come and check on her."

The doctor raised his head, observing the old man's distressed state. He rose from his chair, asking, "Where is she?" Pointing towards the door, the old man indicated she was in the car. "Doctor, please, help me save her," he pleaded, struggling to stand.

Gesturing to the nurse preparing the files, the doctor instructed, "Sister, bring her in." Respectfully, she replied, "Yes, Doctor," and hurried off, mentioning something about GOPD. Shortly after, she brought the girl in, and the doctor began his examination.

He motioned for the old man to sit and tried to reassure him. Opening a new file, he jotted down some notes before inquiring, "What's the patient's name, sir?" "Her name is Dija Bukar," the old man replied. The doctor smiled slightly and remarked, "Baba, 'Dija' isn't a name, it's more of a nickname. What's her actual name?"

The old man responded, "Her real name is Khadija Abubakar." "Well then, we'll call her Khadija," the doctor decided. "So, what seems to be the problem, Baba?" the doctor inquired. The old man explained how his daughter had been suffering from abdominal pain, high fever, headaches, and persistent vomiting for nearly a month.

"A month?" the doctor queried, raising an eyebrow. "Why didn't you bring her to the hospital earlier?"

After a thorough examination, the doctor ordered some tests and prescribed medications. Handing a note to the old man, he instructed him to procure the medicines and take them while awaiting the test results. Worried about the old man's ability to manage alone, he instructed the nurse to guide him to the pharmacy and ensure he had the necessary funds.

Later, he delegated another case to a colleague and headed towards the patient's room, where he learned of the severity of her illness. Distressed, he pondered the predicament and contemplated the next course of action, hoping for a positive outcome.

As he left the hospital, he noticed the old man still waiting. Offering him a warm smile, he reassured him before departing. Upon arriving home, he was greeted by his mother, who immediately bombarded him with questions and concerns.

With a reassuring touch, he calmed her anxieties and assured her of his safety. Heading to his room, he prepared to freshen up and eat, determined to return to his duties at the hospital.


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