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JARABTARMU Complete Hausa Novel Document by JARABTARMU


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Added On: 23, Oct 2023

Author: Qurrah ,

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JARABTARMU Complete Document Written By Qurrah


"Doctor, Doctor! Doctor!"

An elderly gentleman from the Fulani community was in a hurry. He was dressed in traditional attire, wearing a light green Shara and trousers, and had a hat fixed to his shoes. His worried expression was evident, and he leaned on a white cane. Accompanying him was his granddaughter, Kore Kore, who mirrored his concern. They rushed towards the doctor's office.

Attempting to join the long queue, they found the place crowded. However, the old man's determination led him to find an alternate route, and they managed to enter a room with no waiting line. Inside, a young doctor sat, busy at work. He was wearing blue jeans, a light pink shirt, and a white lab coat with glasses perched on his nose. The nurse was organizing files next to him.

The old man urgently explained, "Doctor, my daughter is on the verge of death. Please, help me and check on her."

The doctor, observing the distress on the old man's face, rose from his chair and immediately attended to him. After a thorough examination, he ordered some tests and prescribed medicines. He instructed the nurse to guide the old man to the pharmacy and ensure he had the necessary funds.

Later, as the doctor tended to other patients, he couldn't help but worry about the severity of the girl's condition. He hoped for a positive outcome as he diligently worked to treat her.

Once he was done for the day, the doctor encountered the old man still waiting outside. He offered him some comforting words before leaving for home. At home, he was welcomed by his mother, who anxiously inquired about his well-being.

With a reassuring touch, he comforted her and assured her of his safety. As he prepared for his evening routine, his mind remained preoccupied with the day's events. He couldn't shake the worry for his patients, especially the young girl's critical condition.

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