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CIKIN DUNIYARMU Complete Hausa Novel Document by CIKIN DUNIYARMU


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CIKIN DUNIYARMU Complete Document Written By Rashuna



I gazed at the food they were enjoying, tears welling up in my eyes, a pang of hunger gnawing at my heart, yet I couldn't bring myself to eat. I turned to Safnah and pleaded, "Please, Safnah, you've been avoiding me since they banned me."

She chuckled and replied, "You know, Teema Nazz, sometimes you don't have to fight but just endure." As I turned to walk away, tears streamed down my cheeks. Suddenly, Aysha interjected, "Stop, Teema Nazz. It's me who doesn't want you here." I faced her, a sign of anger in my expression. Aunty Sakina's voice came to me, "Leave them, Teemah. Come here, I need to talk to you."

Wiping my tears, I approached her. She glanced at the food on the plate and handed it to me, saying, "I'm full." Knowing my situation, she didn't press me further or offer me water.

At around 8:30 PM, we finished work, bid Aunty Sakina goodbye, and set off. No one spoke to me until we gathered in line. Safnah and Sarat began unloading at the Kunya store, while Aysha was the first to enter the house, as it was originally her house.

After the farewells, I entered our house and quickly approached Ummi, whose eyes were filled with concern. I accepted the food she handed me, and she said, "Even when you go out, make sure you don't overexert yourself, regardless of what time you return."

"I understand, Ummi. Why are you telling me this? The struggles we endure will one day make headlines. I don't want your sickness to worsen. May God forbid, Ummi. Promise me you won't do it again." She caressed my head and replied, "I promise you, Munassa. May God bless you in this life and the next, granting you children who are even more respectful and obedient than you are, believe me." With that, she quickly averted her gaze, concealing her emotions from me.

"Amen," I said as I continued dousing the fire until it subsided. Then I led Ummi to the room, and as we settled, I looked at her and said, "Ummi, I have good news."

"Tell me, Munassata. I know whatever comes from your mouth will be sweet. Go on, I'm listening," she replied eagerly.

"We might not be able to visit Yaa Nazee, but I overheard someone mention the items they need: cassava flour, sugar, peanuts, salt, k'uli², uncrushed, Indomie, tea, bread, laundry and dishwashing water, cooking oil, and Maclean soap for laundry." Ummi sighed and asked, "Where will we find the money to buy all these?"

I reassured her, "I'm telling you to see what items they need. I have 1000 now. Tomorrow, God willing, I'll give him 800, use 200 for transportation, and then fry some things for sale. I've already informed Aunty Sakina that I won't be there tomorrow."

"May God bless you, Munassa. I will never tire of saying that. May God remove the darkness from our lives and bring light upon us," she responded.

"Amin, Ummi." I declined the offer for more food, knowing her condition. If she insisted, I would accept, but I didn't want to disrupt her rest. My food would suffice until they finally realized it was from my father.



"Mom, do you think I'll let Miq have children after I failed to give birth?" I asked. Mom, taken aback, replied, "Well, you didn't even let a hair cross the ground between him and his wife. Despite being a senior soldier, he took a month's leave to care for his wife. You refuse to breathe the same air as him. I know you love him, but I also know that I'd rather close my eyes and never see him or see my own death. Even if I wander alone, I won't allow a grandchild to be born in this house. Admit it, I haven't raised any of them."

"Hmmmm, Mom, you surprise me. You said I won't let my breast milk dry up. Wait until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you'll hear about my trip to England. One month after Fareesa's death and the baby in her womb, I'll execute the final plan. In other words, I'll make a decree that prevents anyone from having offspring unless they die. I'll stop all his wives from bearing children, and I'll prevent him from marrying even if one of us dies. He and marriage are mutually exclusive, at least in this life." With that, she walked away, leaving the hall behind her.

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