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FYADE Complete Hausa Novel Document by FYADE


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FYADE Complete Document Written By Maman Teddy


Sure, here's a revised version of the text:

Nigeria, 2005, Kaduna State, within the neighborhood of Hayin Rigasa, where prosperity eluded its residents, and wise mentors were hard to come by, the darkness cloaked the alleys, rendering it difficult to discern one's surroundings.

At midnight, a woman, consumed with chewing gum, exited a vehicle at the end of the lane, swiftly concluding a conversation, and then, handed money to a man. Eyebrows furrowed, the man quizzically remarked, "Your father's residence is around here, but are you frequenting the brothel? Your birth might have been God's choice, but I will not accept money tainted with adultery."

Lantana, gazing up at the sky and then down at the ground, responded, "Oh, dear boy, no matter whom you encounter, your judgment of my fate is misplaced. Move along with my money and work, for in the morning, I have to secure a home for the heiress. Oh, you're one to speak about morality. Take heed, Lantana!"

The man's retort prompted Lantana to tug at her veil and leave the spot. "Illegitimate child, your parents, though unknown to me, lament your existence," she muttered under her breath, her hands clasping the package of Balango meat and Alhaji's goods.

Engrossed with her baby Nokia phone, Lantana crossed the border, making her way towards her father's house. Midway, she encountered a commotion and spotted a vehicle, its bright headlights illuminating the alley. A cry rang out, "Who are you glaring at with murderous eyes?" Lantana retorted, her tone firm. Witnessing the car reversing, she observed as it departed, leaving her behind, her heart racing with anger.

Determinedly, Lantana dashed after the vehicle, her feet carrying her at a pace she had never known before. "Stop, you heartless souls! Respect human life!" she yelled, but her pleas were unheard as the car sped away. In her fervor, she stumbled and fell with the baby, whose cries were now silenced, leaving Lantana to cradle the lifeless child. 

Devastated, Lantana turned to leave, but her father intercepted her, spewing harsh words and banishing her from his home. Overwhelmed with sorrow, she retrieved her belongings and left the Balango fruits she once relished. Aisha Farida's story had just begun, veiled in the shadows of uncertainty and hardship.

Through the years, Karuwa became her mother figure, shouldering the responsibility of nurturing Aisha Farida, who, despite her challenges with vision, found solace and love in the care of Lantana and Mama Hansai. Walking to school in her uniform, Aisha Farida beamed, ready for a new day, embraced by Lantana's love and encouragement.

As they walked, Aisha exclaimed, "Today, Umma, we will be in second grade! I have two snacks in my lunchbox!" Lantana smiled, returning the affection, "Yes, my dear, I am proud of you. Make sure you return early, play less, and avoid any scuffles on the way. Remember, dusk comes swiftly, and you must take care."

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