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HALITTAR ZUCIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by HALITTAR ZUCIYA


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HALITTAR ZUCIYA Complete Document Written By Rashuna


Jajere is a town in Jajere, where if you're a stranger, you're always seen as a stranger. This village is the home of Jajere. Mariya was adopted by Madu's parents and raised as their own when she was just a child. Despite their love and generosity, Madu doesn't reciprocate the same affection for Mariya. He married her out of obedience to his parents, but he's emotionally distant, causing Mariya a great deal of sorrow. She gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Halima, after Madu's mother, who had passed away and was dearly cherished by him. 

As time went by, Madu remarried Hajara, and from this marriage, they had a son, to whom they gave the name Idris, after Madu's father. Even after the birth of Halima, Mariya couldn't conceive again, while Hajara gave birth to three children consecutively. Although Mariya cared for them with all her heart, she received little affection in return. With patience and a serene demeanor, she endured her situation, understanding Madu's character and limitations.

Mangareta, who is now eight years old, was born during the time when Hagar and Mariya were pregnant simultaneously. During this time, Hagar often shared stories with Mariya. Despite the absence of her helper, Mariya managed to sustain her small business of making dry soups, millet, and kuli cakes in the mornings. When Raheena, another daughter, was born, Mariya once again relied on God's help and support.

There were noticeable differences between Halima and Raheena. Halima was calm and composed, often withdrawing to her own space, feeling the lack of love in her life. On the other hand, Raheena was easily provoked and frequently found herself in trouble. However, Madu's affection for Raheena was evident, even if his manner towards her was more stern compared to his treatment of Halima.

As time passed, Halima got married to Baffa Idris, and it was hoped that one day Madu would come to appreciate the blessings God had bestowed upon him, especially in the form of his daughter.

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