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NAYI NADAMA Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAYI NADAMA


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Author: Aisha Ali Garkuwa ,

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NAYI NADAMA Complete Document Written By Aisha Ali garkuwa


She walked with a brisk pace, almost reminiscent of the agility of an elder. I glanced back and jested with my grandmother, "I might as well be crawling while you're jetting off like an airplane about to take flight." She glanced at me while continuing her pace, advising me not to rush, lest I fall. I tried to match her speed but stumbled and nearly fell. My grandmother continued her stride, undeterred and swift, seemingly unbothered by my comment.

In a loud voice, she declared, "I know exactly what needs to be done at home. Today, we have to head to Mambala." Her purposeful gait and decisive tone made me wonder about her strong resolve and determination. She handed me a list of errands to run while she rattled off her own set of tasks.

Descended from Alhj Muhammad Babayo, better known as Mlm Babayo and the renowned cattle baron of Tarabane state in Mambila, my grandmother was deeply involved in family matters. She had two spouses, two brothers, five sons, and four daughters. Her eldest son, Barrister Muhammad Bello Muhammad, was a well-respected figure in the community. Her other children pursued various fields of study, despite their father's background in cattle farming.

Barrister M.B.M, fondly called Baba Bello, was married to Nenne Aihuwarta and had several children, including the youngest, Ahmad, and another daughter named Sadia. Doctor Aliyu, known as Abba, had four children of his own. Aunt Aysha was married in Yola, and her brother, Doctor Aliyu Abba, was married to Ummi. Amadu and Hermesu were also part of the closely-knit family, living with their parents in the town of Mambilan.

The family, known as the Kamanni Family, enjoyed prosperity and happiness, and their strong bonds of love and support made their unity unbreakable. While they encountered challenges, they always found a way to overcome them together.

As I listened to my grandmother's narrative, I marveled at the intricate network of relationships and accomplishments within our family. The stories of my relatives, their distinct personalities, and their diverse paths in life painted a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions that shaped our collective journey.

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