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KISHIN MATA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KISHIN MATA


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KISHIN MATA Complete Document Written By Hafnancy Lurf


Awani House, as it's known, stands as a modest yet elegant modern building. Its unassuming structure exudes a warm and inviting aura, instantly making one feel at home. Today, within its walls, the atmosphere is one of celebration as it hosts the wedding ceremony of *DCP SULEIMAN ALASSANA GIDADO*, on the twenty-second day of the month of Nuwanba in the year two thousand and seventeen.

Women of all ages have gathered, reveling in the joy of the occasion, whether they were present as first-time attendees or as seasoned participants. Among them was the esteemed wife of DCP Suleiman Gidado, known for her grace and benevolence.

Ramlah, DCP Suleiman's younger sister, harbored a disdainful attitude, apparent to her cousins surrounding her. "Aini, why can't you see the happiness I've gained with this marriage to Hamma Gidad'o? At least, I'll have the privilege of wearing the annamimiya. She's a composed and disciplined woman," she spoke, her words tinged with jealousy.

In response, a woman named Baddo interjected, "Ramlah, I can't understand why you harbor such ill will towards Aunt Jameelah. After all, she's always kind to everyone. Whenever you visit her house, I swear you won't find a single reason to complain. Her generosity is unmatched. If you keep this up, you'll be left with nothing but bitterness and regret. Why don't you try to win a place in your husband's family, just like how Jameelah has captured their hearts already?"

Ramlah scoffed and quickly retorted, "She might be able to win others over, but not me. Let Hafsan come; she won't be able to manipulate me. She's already overstepped her limits during Jameelah's reign. She's probably aiming to take over completely. But I trust Hafsah; she won't let me down."

Hanifa chimed in, "Is she your eternal rival or something? You seem quite fixated on her." Ramlah's grip on her animosity remained unyielding. "It's not about rivalry. She's a friend of my aunt. That's the reason I mentioned her. Hafsah is undoubtedly the perfect wife material. She's a skilled cook, adept at household management, and she can sing too. I'm sure she won't shed a tear over her childlessness, unlike the others. She's a woman of substance."

Laughter echoed throughout the room as they continued their banter. However, Baddo, sensing Ramlah's frustration, refrained from further provocation. She reminded her, "It's all up to God. He provides for whom He wills. And if He chooses to test you, don't blame Aunt Jameelah. She wouldn't want to live a life devoid of children either. And have you ever considered the possibility that the problem might lie on your brother's end? Look at your other siblings, from Gidadon to Mustapha and Surayya. Perhaps the issue lies elsewhere."

A wave of indignation washed over Ramlah. "By God, I swear, I won't spare you. I know my brothers' health is poor, so don't you dare cast aspersions on them. Otherwise, we'll have a serious problem here."

Baddo stood her ground, unfazed. "Really, Ramlah, are you suggesting that I envy you? Fine, I understand. I'm content being a less noticed member of this family. I have my place in Lfy's heart, and that's enough. We won't complain. We'll keep our thoughts to ourselves. We're content with this hidden blessing from God. But you, you've found a position that I won't envy. And if the problem isn't from his side, let's see when Hafsah comes in."

Fatima intervened, urging them, "Let's not draw attention to ourselves, please."

Ramlah, unable to contain her frustration, abruptly stood up. Wrapping her scarf tightly, she warned, "Well, this small disagreement has now turned into a bigger issue. No one can stop me from confronting Baddo's father in this house today. And let me tell you, I'll see whether I'm lucky or Jameelar's younger sister's support can protect her."

Chaos ensued as Ramlah slapped Baddo, leaving her startled and holding her cheek in disbelief. But the most striking aspect was Ramlah's beauty, surpassing that of other women of her generation, hence the moniker *'BADDO'* given to her. Ramlah, seemingly unperturbed, concluded, "You won't get away with this, Baddo. You've crossed the line with me."

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