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Seventy Years Ago (1953)

She felt an intense pain that seemed to shoot through her entire body from her feet to the core of her skull, causing her to tremble as if she had heard ominous music. It made her break into a profuse sweat, and while it wasn't the first time she had experienced this sensation, this particular day was excruciating. She felt like she was being boiled alive, her flesh immersed in scalding water. She bit her lip slowly, trembling, and closed her eyes. Her roommate, Baiwa Maimuna, was right behind her, offering support and helping to conceal the secret. Maimuna discreetly trimmed a bit of her hair's tail so that it wouldn't be too noticeable. The feeling of relief swept over her as she removed the hair, knowing that she was now safe from the watchful eyes of the ruthless Fulani Umaima. She let out a slow, cautious breath.

"Forgive me, my roommate. I will go fetch your portion of the Walk. I already informed Jakadiya to fetch your medicine, just as you mentioned earlier. Your soul has been suffering from this ailment for too long, and it's worsening. I apologize if my words are out of place, dear roommate."

She was tempted to kiss her roommate as she had done in the past before the intensity of her condition started taking its toll. Her motivations for doing so were to avoid facing the scrutiny of the kingdom's servants who might detect the growing bond between her and His Highness. However, she shook her head, clasped her hands, and said, "When you go out, Maimuna, send Baiwa Zainaba to me." Maimuna, filled with respect, replied, "May God bless the Fulani and open His eyes to bestow an abundance of health and blessings upon the Crown Prince-in-waiting. I shall depart now, as I don't want to hinder your secret plan, dear roommate."

Maimuna left in a hurry because she didn't wish to spoil her roommate's secretive intentions. She had to dispatch Zainaba to the Fulani elder and then went to fulfill her duty at the Fulani Umaima department, fraught with anxiety. As she walked, she glanced back over her shoulder as if she were a newcomer pretending to overhear a fight among strangers. Fulani Umaima had been aware of their plan since dusk, and she had dismissed her servants, who had returned to their slave quarters.

Maimuna felt like she was suddenly thrown from the sky when she entered the room where Fulani Umaima was waiting. Fulani Umaima swiftly cut her off to avoid any complications in their plans. Despite the ongoing battle with Baiwa Maimuna, she couldn't defy her orders.

Maimuna fell to the ground and took a deep breath before declaring, "Peace and blessings, Fulani, the heir to the kingdom, the jewel of the Lord, your brilliance is not limited to him alone; you illuminate every corner of the kingdom. How can I inform anyone else about the gift that you are? You are a priceless gem, and everyone will covet you."

Fulani Umaima interrupted her, asking, "I trust that everything is proceeding as planned?" Baiwa Maimuna smiled, causing Fulani Umaima to relax, even though she hadn't yet heard Maimuna's response. She knew they had won, as the secrets of the heart are often conveyed through facial expressions. "Remember that it has been a long time since this plan was set in motion. And here we are."

Maimuna concluded her statement by pulling a strand of hair from the Fulani Babba and presenting it to Fulani Umaima. Fulani smiled broadly, and Baiwa Maimuna continued, "Now she is at the hospital, where she directed me to send a messenger to receive the remainder of her medication from His Highness." Fulani Umaima erupted into a hearty laugh, and Maimuna continued, "I must inform you that she is at the hospital and has asked me to send a messenger to retrieve the remaining medication from His Highness."

With deep respect, Maimuna bowed and said, "May your soul remain bound to the Fulani, the light that illuminates the world. I am here to serve you in any way you require, and I am at your service. May God bless the elephant of Takwa Dawusu, who is exceedingly handsome."

Fulani Umaima nodded, and Baiwa Maimuna left. As she walked away, Fulani Umaima called to her, "Ensure that nothing goes wrong. If there are any issues, handle them discreetly." Baiwa Maimuna bowed and replied, "I am at your service, my leader."

Maimuna tied the Fulani Babba's medication around her waist and went to the department of Mai Martaba, the ambassador. She was able to relay Fulani Babba's message to the ambassador, who immediately headed to the presence of Takawa, the Crown Prince. After offering their respects, the ambassador delivered Fulani Babba's message. Takawa, without uttering a word, went to a leather bag hanging on the wall, took out two bundles of medication, and handed them to Jakadiya, who received them with gratitude. As Jakadiya began to leave, he added, "From now on, make sure she takes her medication before the incident. We can't afford any slip-ups." The ambassador acknowledged this and departed, entrusting Baiwa Maimuna with the message from His Highness.

Maimuna rejoined the Fulani Bab section but found that her roommate had left. Baiwa Zainaba was attending to her slightly swollen legs. Respectfully, she handed over the medication that Fulani Umaima had misplaced and said, "May God bless the Fulani and intervene in your affairs, the mother of my roommate. His Highness instructed that half of this should be used for a soak, and the other half for anointing your body."

Fulani's eyes were red, as if they had been stung by fresh peppers. She slowly opened her eyes and said, "Follow Maimuna's instructions."

Baiwa Maimuna's heart raced as she watched Fulani Umaima. She couldn't help but wonder if she was like a mad dog that had bitten her and immobilized her. She was unsure whether Fulani Umaima would respond to her, and fear gripped her.

When Fulani Umaima appeared, she began to draw red water into a cup and began to wash her face, then she searched for a place to sit, facing the Boka Bamaguje stone. "Excellent work, my dear."

She swiftly opened a secret box upon arriving at the Fulani Umaima department, and when she left, Fulani Umaima was already seated there. As was customary during their visits, she wore a special magical dress that the Witch of the Stones had lost. She had to strip off her clothing and don the dress, which featured red, black, dark blue, and brown colors, adorned with small lines and inscriptions in Arabic. She held a small horn in her hand and proceeded to the place where she had left Baiwa Maimuna. She extended her hand to Maimuna, indicating that it was time for them to proceed with their secret journey.

With some reluctance, Maimuna placed her hand in Fulani Umaima's, and they both stepped onto


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