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IDAN RANA TA FITO BOOK 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by IDAN RANA TA FITO BOOK 2


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Author: Halima K Mashi ,

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Mb turned to the sergeant and inquired, "Is there an issue?" The sergeant, who was behind the wheel, kept a watchful eye on the house, glanced in the rearview mirror, and observed the street, aside from the houses. He grinned and asked, "What's the neighborhood like?" The sergeant replied, "It's a relatively quiet area with not many people." With that said, they continued on their way. As they headed back home, Mb noticed something approaching. Upon their arrival at home, he swiftly grabbed his phone and delivered the joyful news to Basma. "They know I've arrived," he informed her. On the other end, Basma's voice trembled with emotion, and Mb held her tightly as she emerged from the bed.

When he decided to disclose the entire ordeal to his household members, Mb descended to the main house, where his father looked at the sergeant and inquired, "Why were you absent, h/free?" All the while, Basma continued to weep, expressing her uncertainty and fear of losing him. She admitted her limited understanding of the situation and felt the need to connect with other members of Sukazo to ensure her safety. Relaying the details of the situation to them, she noticed their distress. Concerned, she hurried to the coach of the house, prompting them to follow suit.

The second part of the story:

As M and B approached their car, Mb unlocked it and exited the house. Tayishiru attended to their needs as they settled into the car. Mb reassured them to remain calm as he mentioned they were discussing something important. Basma acknowledged the uncertainty about the situation, and her prayers were centered on being saved from any potential harm. As they watched, the waitstaff came outside to observe them. The sergeant recognized Yale Kodakai, who was on their way in.

Expressing their apologies, the waitstaff acknowledged their presence. Mb, with a sense of devotion, prayed for a safe journey home, invoking the words "bismillah walaj," and the prayer "bismillah kharajnaa wa sallamahi rabbana tawakkalna" for protection. Basma was right by his side, silently attempting to regain her composure. A look of concern crossed Mb's face as he pondered why Bello had remained silent regarding the situation. Mb affirmed his belief that no one could harm them as long as they had God's protection. Meanwhile, Abu delved into a discussion about teeth, a story that seemed to have a long history.

(Additional note: The text you provided appears to have a mix of dialogue, actions, and various narrative elements. If you would like me to rephrase specific parts or if there are particular aspects you want me to focus on, please let me know.)

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