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IDAN RANA TA FITO BOOK 3 Complete Hausa Novel Document by IDAN RANA TA FITO BOOK 3


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Author: Halima K Mashi ,

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In the evening, I planned to return home. My father explained, "I mentioned that my mother sent me to collect money for her. I will sort it out. Where is your husband?" I responded, and her voice grew louder. The lady of the house, a Hindu woman, was observing, and I was reciprocating. She was preparing the food. When I sat down, I bowed my head until my father instructed me to bring my meal, which surprised me.


I looked at them in astonishment as she turned away from the food. She seemed perplexed and mentioned she was heading to fetch him. "Let me get you some water," I offered. He replied, "You handle the food." I stated, "Both of us are having a Hindu meal." He chuckled slightly, walked to the table, and I joined him. I wasn't in the mood for fish; I preferred fish, rice, and cassava.


I glanced up at them while they were still eating the food she had left behind. Without uttering a word, he turned and walked away. I stood up and left. She kept yelling, "Whose father's house are you visiting?" I replied, "I'm taking a cup of water to Baba and getting him another." She advised, "You should drink the water and go to bed." I told my father, "Dad, let me fetch you some drinking water." He agreed, and upon my return, I approached him. He inquired, "Have you eaten?" I replied, "No, we both had a Hindu meal." He ate it, looking somewhat frustrated. "Did you get the money?" I inquired. He smiled faintly. "Go and come back." I headed to the market, where there was no meat seller, only a fish seller. I bought sugarcane and cassava for us and returned. Baba went to pray, and I remained inside because once I entered, he wouldn't allow me to leave. However, she came out and called me, reminding me not to let Baba see what I had bought. I assured her, "Baba told me to keep it for you."


She paused and said, "The room is vacant; just come over when he returns." When Baba returned, I encouraged him to eat, but he insisted that I eat first. We had our meal and talked, and he mentioned, "Jiddazan told you something. Keep it to yourself; I don't want anyone to overhear." I asked, "What is it, Father?" He chuckled a bit and said, "Did I ever tell you about this game, Jidda?" I remained silent, pondering who could assist me, be it an elderly person, a leper, or a blind individual. I expressed my gratitude to God and my commitment to follow the person. I stated, "Regardless of who it is, Baba, I believe they did it for the sake of God, and they have brought blessings upon you." Baba affirmed, "Yes, God has indeed blessed you and will provide you with furniture."

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