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AJALI Complete Hausa Novel Document by AJALI


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AJALI Complete Document Written By Shafi'u Dauda Giwa


Actually, Nazifi, you just need to be patient. What I'm about to tell you is my decision, and you don't have to be hasty and forget about this girl because, yes, the truth is not always pleasant.

Nazifi looked at Jamilu, the interviewer, with surprise and shock. "How can I be patient, Jamilu? I don't understand what you mean."

Jamilu sat down on the long bench they were both sitting on. "You know, Nazifi, it's not that the girl lacks good manners. No, she has good manners. It's her father's behavior that concerns me, Nazifi. I know him well because we used to live in the same neighborhood. That's why I understand that you might not be able to handle her father's character."

The two boys exchanged confused glances. Nazifi asked, "Oh, Jamilu, what kind of problem are you talking about? Are you suggesting that I should break up with her just because of her father? But you yourself know she's not like him."

Jamilu didn't respond directly. "I'm not trying to separate you from the girl, Nazifi. What I'm trying to show you is that this girl's father is not someone to take lightly. His name is Alhaji Dage, and maybe you haven't heard much about him, but let me tell you, he doesn't allow his children to marry poor people. He has at least five children, and none of them have married someone from a less fortunate background like yours. Besides, if you marry his daughter, you'll be expected to provide him with a monthly salary. You see, Nazifi, you are not well-off, and I don't want you to subject yourself to unnecessary difficulties. Just forget about this girl and look for someone else who is more suitable for you."

Nazifi was deep in thought, processing the words he had just heard from his friend. He finally asked, "But what about our promise? She's very fond of me, and we promised to meet today."

Jamilu chuckled. "Well, did you really think she would take you seriously if you told her you've ended the relationship? Listen, Nazifi, it's essential to listen to the advice I'm giving you. Whether you find it useful or not, it's up to you. I'm just looking out for you as your friend. You asked for the truth, and I told you."

As he finished speaking, Jamilu turned his face away to allow Nazifi to contemplate the words.

Nazifi felt a bit shaken as he pondered over his friend Jamilu's words. He remembered their first encounter with the girl just last night, and how smitten he was by her.

The beautiful girl, wearing a blue scarf, had caught his eye from afar. She was among her friends, and when they separated a bit, he mustered the courage to approach her.

"If you don't mind, ladies, I'd like to talk to you for a moment. Could you spare a few minutes to listen to a stranger like me? It's nothing serious, I just want to share something with you."

The girl smiled warmly at him. "Sure, go ahead, teacher. Let's hear what you have to say."

Nazifi's face lit up with happiness. "I'm glad you're willing to listen, and it makes me so happy that you're giving me this chance."

He spoke for a while, and she listened attentively.

"My name is Nazifi, and I'm from the town nearby. I came here because my parents also live here, and I earn a living through carpentry work. I manage to sustain myself and make a few requests here and there. That's a brief overview of who I am, so you know me better before I ask you some questions."

"Which questions, Mr. Nazifi?" the girl asked, curious.

Nazifi smiled back at her. "Ah, the questions are not something secretive. I just want to know more about you and your family, if you don't mind sharing."

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