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ALAKAKAI Complete Hausa Novel Document by ALAKAKAI


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ALAKAKAI Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


One Sunday, there was a great storm that suddenly appeared, scaring away the monkeys. Although there were no danger signs in the morning, the sky was empty of clouds, giving the sun permission to heat up the houses and villages from ten in the morning until midnight. People in the area were used to such hot weather, especially those who drank a lot of soup, as they believed that every hour was hot.

During the monsoons, when the weather got worse, people knew it was a sign of impending danger. Suddenly, the rain started falling heavily, and the wind picked up. People ran on the streets to find shelter, including myself, who had taken refuge in my office since morning. It had been almost nine months since my film "DAREN" was released, and the film industry had turned its back on me due to criticism and negative comments.

As the danger of the storm intensified, I decided to leave my office and seek shelter elsewhere. The owner of a sewing shop, Isyaku, offered me a place to hide. However, I needed to return to my office briefly to say goodbye to my secretary, Lauriyya, who had been the only one remaining by my side during this challenging time.

Isyaku, the tailor, told me that Lauriyya loves me, but I was hesitant to believe it. As I made my way back to the office, the strong wind and rain made it difficult to see clearly. When I finally reached the office, I noticed signs of intrusion, and I felt like someone was following me. The office door was open from the inside, and Lauriyya was waiting for me.

Lauriyya explained that Emeka, someone who had been waiting for me since eleven, was behind the plot against me. She had set up the office and waited for my arrival. We both felt compassion and remorse for the past events. I studied the office, remembering the time when it used to be a director's office for my successful Hausa movie career.

As we talked and reconciled, memories of the past flooded my mind. I realized that despite the difficult times, Lauriyya had remained loyal and supportive. We closed the door and faced the situation together. It was a bittersweet reunion, and we both embraced the emotions that came with it.

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