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DARE DA RANA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DARE DA RANA


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Author: Nazir Adam Salih ,

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DARE DA RANA Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


Amidst the joyous celebration in the courtyard, Jamilu found himself in the company of his friend Ustaz Abubakar, a tall and bearded man in traditional attire. Ustaz Abubakar had come to congratulate Jamilu on his recent wedding, which had taken place the day before. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and lively conversations as friends of the bride and groom gathered to celebrate.

Jamilu, a tall man with a cheerful countenance, wore a big shirt and blue pants, exuding a sense of contentment. The festivities were taking place in a magnificent house with beautiful trees and flowers, evoking an enchanting atmosphere. The evening light slowly waned, anticipating the arrival of Jamilu's bride, Rukayya, later that night.

Amidst the crowd of friends, Ustaz Abubakar took the opportunity to advise Jamilu on married life. He urged him to be patient and kind with his wife and to follow the teachings of God and His Messenger. Jamilu listened attentively, appreciating the guidance given by his friend.

As the merriment continued, Jamilu couldn't help but feel a tinge of concern. He pondered on the advice given by Ustaz Abubakar, recognizing the need for patience and understanding in his marriage. Despite the excitement of the celebration, thoughts of his wife lingered, as he awaited her arrival.

Later, Badura, the bride's best friend, approached Jamilu with a smile, noticing a hint of worry on his face. She playfully inquired about his demeanor, reminding him that he should be the most joyous on this occasion. Jamilu replied with a brave smile, masking the concerns that weighed on his heart.

As the night wore on, Jamilu reflected on the letter he had sent to Rukayya, which remained unanswered for almost a month. He longed for her to be ready for their married life, despite the fear that each passing day brought. However, he resolved to be patient and wait for her, trusting that their love would eventually blossom and endure.

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