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BUDURWAR SIRRI Complete Hausa Novel Document by BUDURWAR SIRRI


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Author: Shuraihu Usman ,

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BUDURWAR SIRRI Complete Document Written By Shuraihu Usman


In a hurry, I left my house to visit a friend and retrieve my phone, which I had left behind. Standing on the side of the road, I sought a lift and soon enough, a neighbor passed by, and I stopped him.

"Please, I urgently need my phone. It contains important documents, and many people are waiting for me," I explained to my neighbor, Umar, who was busy at his shoe repair shop.

Amidst playful banter, Umar humorously suggested that my phone was probably at home, and he couldn't leave his shoe repair work to accompany me. Slightly annoyed, I decided to leave the shop and continue my journey alone, having remembered that Umar had taken my phone earlier that day while I was still asleep.

Feeling frustrated and upset, I made my way back home. However, a strange turn of events occurred when I heard a voice calling my name loudly from above. Surprised, I looked around but found no one. Assuming it was a trick of my ears, I continued walking.

Upon reaching home, I retired to my room, feeling dejected. With no other plans for the vacation, I started writing short stories from Hausa books to share on social media. Exhausted, I lay down on a chair and closed my eyes to rest.

Suddenly, I heard a voice in my mind, "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihir Raji'un" (To God, we belong and to Him, we shall return). When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a mysterious jungle, with no trace of my home or any familiar surroundings.

Confused and frightened, I wondered if I had died, but then I saw angels who confirmed that I was not dead. The forest appeared strange, unlike any I had seen before, resembling those depicted in foreign films.

Nervously, I ventured further into the forest and came across a peculiar stream. Its water flowed down from a large rock and was incredibly hot. I saw my reflection in the water, which convinced me that this was not a dream.

As I explored further, I encountered unfamiliar plants with red leaves that seemed to regenerate when stepped on. My anxiety increased as I pondered the strange occurrences around me.

Suddenly, I sensed movement behind me, and when I turned, I saw a snake emerging from the grass. The sight terrified me, and I felt my stomach tighten, hoping not to have a gastrointestinal mishap.

This forest was unlike anything I had experienced in the Hausa region, and I wondered how I had ended up in such an eerie and foreign place. Fear and uncertainty enveloped me as I continued my journey through this bizarre and inexplicable environment.

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