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KWAURON BAKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KWAURON BAKI


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Author: Sufy Al-huzaify ,

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KWAURON BAKI Complete Document Written By Sufy Al-huzaify


Then, amidst the courtyard's commotion, Faruk found himself sitting helplessly, unable to stand. A profound sorrow consumed him, yet he sought to hide his tears. His heart felt as though it might burst with the emotions he couldn't express. Since morning, he had barely eaten, only forcing himself to have breakfast. The food from lunch remained untouched, for he couldn't bring himself to consume anything, knowing she wasn't there, and he clung to the hope that she would return.

At home, his family couldn't understand his turmoil. Faruk seemed entirely different from the person he used to be. They questioned him, and he merely attributed his condition to a headache, avoiding the truth. Even when his uncle, who was close to him, inquired, he remained tight-lipped and smiled, claiming nothing troubled him.

But Haleemat, the girl who had captured Faruk's heart, saw through his facade. Her affection for him caused her concern to overflow. She approached him calmly and sat nearby as he absentmindedly toyed with the room's father. "Faruk, isn't my connection with you meaningful?" she began, studying his face intently.

He glanced up, attempting a smile, but he had little time for pretense. "I have a high position in my class, Haleemat, but do you believe that's enough for you?" he responded, a hint of desperation in his voice.

"What's bothering you, my brother? Is it Saadiyya who upset you? Or do you think she doesn't love you?" Haleemat inquired with care. "Please, let me know."

"Don't mention her to me, not even in a photo," Faruk replied, managing a small smile. Her smile had a way of melting his heart each time she displayed it. "But Haleemat, the truth is, it's you I want. I never said anything about it, but in reality..."

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