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KUDI DA MACIJI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KUDI DA MACIJI


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Author: Nazir Adam Salih ,

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KUDI DA MACIJI Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


At about half past four on a Friday, as the century neared its end, Abakin Wata revealed a vast and tranquil swamp. Eighteen different species of birds graced the swamp, appearing carefree and undisturbed by the conflicts and troubles of city life that often plagued others.

Some birds searched for food along the swamp's edge, while others gracefully swam, capturing small fish to satisfy their hunger. On the western side of the swamp, a farmer took a break from his work, wiping sweat from his brow. His wife, Tagogori, toiled alongside him, chopping wood without taking a moment to rest.

Tagogori noticed her husband gazing at her and playfully teased him, suggesting that he preferred his friend Saadiyya's business over their own. Zangeru laughed, assuring her that he cherished his family's heritage more than anything.

However, the spirited discussion soon took a more serious turn. Zangeru gently pointed out that Tagogori, who was two months pregnant, worked tirelessly and worried him. He suggested that they could gather enough food for a year in one night if she allowed him to do so, easing her burdens.

Tagogori, exhausted from her labor, showed signs of weariness and hardship. Despite this, Zangeru reassured her that he would soon become a wealthy man, promising a future different from their current struggles.

As the couple prepared to head home, Tagogori questioned Zangeru's dream of becoming rich. He dismissed her doubts, maintaining his determination to change their circumstances. Zangeru saw himself as a hardworking and ambitious man, not one content with laziness or thievery.

Though Tagogori often puzzled over her husband's dreams, she couldn't help but notice the hidden smile that appeared on his face from time to time. She knew that behind that smile lay a determination and aspiration that surpassed anyone's expectations.

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