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KIBIYAR AJALI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KIBIYAR AJALI


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Author: Nazir Adam Salih ,

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KIBIYAR AJALI Complete Document Written By Nazir Adam Salih


The incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon at half past four. The memory of that moment is etched in my mind as it marked a turning point in my life. I was sitting at our house's doorstep when I noticed a young white boy approaching. He appeared frail, donning white clothes and a black hat. Despite his tender age, he carried an envelope adorned with flowers.

As he inquired about my identity, I confirmed that I was Fadil. He handed me the envelope, and even before opening it, I knew it was from the same person who had been sending me letters lately. The sender was a friend who professed her love for me, but I couldn't reciprocate those feelings. It wasn't because of her appearance; she was stunning and could easily win a beauty queen competition.

Reading the letter, I acknowledged that the girl loved me deeply, but I was still unable to return those sentiments. Later, I decided to visit her house, which belonged to Colonel A. Mukhtar, a retired soldier with an intimidating presence. I hesitated for a moment at the door, unsure whether to greet the soldiers or say my goodbyes. Just then, I heard my name being called from above, as if by divine intervention.

It was Amina, the girl who had confessed her love for me at a party. I had been heartbroken before, and this sudden kindness from her surprised me. The next day, I went to Kaduna on holiday, staying at Daba Otal Hotel, a place known for its luxury. Zainab, an employee at the hotel, unexpectedly approached me and informed me of a visitor waiting on the third floor, office number 6.

Curiosity piqued, I went to the room and encountered a stranger who wanted to meet me. The room was spacious, equipped with various amenities. I had taken this holiday to wait for my exam results, and my brother allowed me to stay for a month. The anticipation of a new experience filled me with excitement.

After preparing myself, I realized that someone had entered my room while I was away. The subtle scent of perfume in the air alerted me to their presence. Nonetheless, I brushed it aside and headed out to meet the visitor. The encounter was unexpected, and it held the promise of change in my life.

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