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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 1


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Author: Mansur Usman Sufi ,

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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Mansur Usman Sufi


A 30-year-old woman, clad in a leather jacket and pants, struggled to walk through a city filled with towering buildings. She carried two pregnant women on her body, facing difficulties in movement and occasionally stumbling. Despite her challenges, she persisted, standing up each time she fell.

After half an hour of enduring the scorching heat, the woman collapsed on the ground. At that moment, a charismatic and compassionate young man approached her. Recognizing the signs of distress, he kneeled beside her, revealing a chain attached to his thigh containing water. With a sense of urgency, he poured water into her mouth until she had enough to drink. The woman, grateful and moved, sat up, tears streaming down her face as she kissed the young man.

Puzzled by her emotional reaction, the young man asked about her plight. However, the woman, overwhelmed with emotion, initially remained silent. Eventually, she spoke with a trembling voice, expressing her inability to repay him and requesting one favor before parting ways. The woman asked for assistance with transportation and food, pleading for the young man to keep her story confidential to avoid jeopardizing the help he provided.

Surprised by her request, the young man pondered where she might go with the aid he intended to offer. Without offering an explanation, he left briefly and returned with a white horse carrying a significant amount of money. Assisting her to stand, he handed her the reins, and she continued on foot, glancing back with tears in her eyes.

As the woman progressed for about 50 seconds, the neighborhood was suddenly filled with the sounds of footsteps and horse hooves. Samudawan troops, led by the formidable Queen Abidat, arrived with intentions of engaging in a fierce battle. The troops quickly gathered the inhabitants, causing panic and fear.

The commanding giant of the forces demanded to know who helped a pregnant woman, threatening dire consequences if the person wasn't revealed. The terrified residents remained silent, with one brave old man denying any knowledge of strangers in the area. In response, the leader mercilessly killed the old man and continued slaughtering the inhabitants, sparing no one, including children and the elderly. The neighborhood was then set ablaze.

Meanwhile, the pregnant woman, having parted ways with the young man, continued her journey through the city and into the forest. As she approached a gorge, she gave birth to a baby girl, shedding tears of joy. However, her elation was short-lived, as a group of soldiers on horseback discovered her location.

In a sudden and violent turn of events, the soldiers shot her with arrows, causing intense pain and deafening screams. A twisted lion emerged from a cave, attacking the soldiers and creating chaos among their ranks. The soldiers, now angered and disoriented, turned on each other.

The narrative raises questions about the woman's origins, why she was being hunted by forces led by Queen Abidat, and the mysterious events surrounding her life.

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