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SIHIRTACCIYA 1 AND 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by SIHIRTACCIYA 1 AND 2


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Author: Ismail Abdullahi ,

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SIHIRTACCIYA Complete Document Written By Ismail Abdullahi


Manohar was a great country, home to more than a hundred million people. Queen Yaxrina ruled with prosperity, her wealth unmatched in the land. However, she faced pressure to marry and secure the future of her kingdom. Many believed that if she didn't marry soon, the country would suffer misfortunes and calamities.

Antona, a powerful and feared queen, was Yaxrina's cousin. They had an unusual bond, often spending time together. Though they were not attracted romantically, they cherished each other's company. Sometimes, Antona would sleep in Yaxrina's room, chatting until morning.

One day, Manohar was threatened by King Jundaru of Bangus City, who demanded Yaxrina's hand in marriage. If she refused, he would invade and devastate her kingdom. The news spread fear and sadness among the people, but Yaxrina's fate rested in the hands of the parliament.

Samar, Yaxrina's younger brother and a skilled warrior, suggested seeking the counsel of Sihirtacciya to resolve the conflict. He was confident they could face King Jundaru, while others were unsure about confronting such a powerful adversary.

Samar revealed that three hundred years ago, their ancestor, King Maridu, had faced a similar threat from a sorcerer named Boka Karibu. Maridu, along with his brothers, Sarbilu and Sarbila, decided to defy Karibu and protect their country's idols. The brave Sarbila, a renowned hero, was determined to confront Karibu and defend their beliefs.

Despite the fear and uncertainty, Sarbila remained resolute, ready to face the sorcerer. She declared that she would challenge Karibu and if she fell in battle, they could surrender the idols. Sarbilu, her brother, stood by her side, offering his support.

Amidst the anticipation of the upcoming conflict, Manohar's people prepared for the battle that would shape their history. Sarbila's courage and determination inspired hope, and the heroes of the world were eager to witness the tale that was about to unfold.

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