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BAKANDAMIYAR GUMURZU fita ta daya 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAKANDAMIYAR GUMURZU fita ta daya 1


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Author: Umar Abdulhadi Mati ,

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BAKANDAMIYAR GUMURZU Complete Document Written By Umar Abdulhadi Mati


As you approach the field, there is no warm welcome awaiting you. Instead, you are met with the fury of both humans and demons. Monsters roam, accompanied by the deafening screams of native fighters. The ground trembles violently, threatening to rend the very rocks beneath your feet. Trees ignite, engulfed in an epidemic storm. Darkness descends as a powerful entity soars into the sky, blocking the sunlight and casting a shadow upon the battlefield. Countless figures, human and monstrous alike, take flight and engage in a deadly struggle.

Amidst this chaos, something remarkable occurs. Despite the relentless misfortune and calamity, the opposing black armies refuse to cease their battle. On the contrary, their efforts intensify, resulting in increased casualties. Warriors unknowingly fall into the clutches of death, except for a particular point on the edge of the conflict. The devils, demons, and monsters that once filled the skies divert their attention downward, seeking salvation from impending destruction.

What catches their attention is a radiant light descending from above. Gradually, the light descends to the ground, its glow diminishing. And then they appear—their arrival captivating every enemy on the battlefield. Those who have read the chronicles of men from days past will bear witness to the significance of this event. One among them utters, "I have no desire to linger in the presence of the wise, for the great demons are about to reveal the reasons that brought King Mahraz and King Dujalu to this very place. Let me depart before this opportunity eludes me," a voice proclaims.

Suddenly, the mighty evil demon is startled by the resounding thunder echoing from the heavens. Only King Dujalu possesses the power to control such force. In a booming voice, he addresses the warriors of the sorcerers' city and the heroes of Sadauka, informing them that they are well-suited to confront the monstrous menace. They have been entangled in the web of magic since their youth, and it is time for them to rise above their previous roles and become the force that stands upon the mountaintop.

As the idols' arrows rain down, rumored to pierce through countless men, King Mahraz swiftly places his hand on the king's shoulder, and their enemies vanish into thin air.

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