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DILLALIN MUTUWA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DILLALIN MUTUWA


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Author: Ismail Abdullahi ,

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DILLALIN MUTUWA Complete Document Written By Isma'il Abdullahi


The world was peaceful, devoid of any imminent danger. However, tension lingered, possibly due to the ongoing global conflict. During this time, the wife of King Musluhu bin Salfas, ruler of the land of Duma, gave birth to a daughter of exceptional beauty. Her captivating allure captivated the hearts of many, with her reputation spreading far and wide.

People from all walks of life, be they kings, nobles, or commoners, were drawn to witness the splendor of this child. Even creatures such as demons, humans, animals, and insects marveled at her unparalleled beauty. It was as if no other being in existence could rival her enchantment.

The news of this extraordinary child reached the ears of demons, who promptly convened a gathering. They organized a grand event where devilish kings could engage in trade, showcasing their prized possessions. After a few hours of intense celebration, the drums resounded, and singers commenced praising the child's magnificence.

A bustling market emerged, where people danced and reveled in the joyous occasion. The atmosphere was filled with jubilation, but amidst the festivities, an informant shared a message. The informant proclaimed that the baby's fame had reached every corner of the world. The renowned King Musluhu, ruler of Aljannu Naduniya, disclosed the baby's name, ensuring that it would be forever etched in the minds of all.

The name bestowed upon this baby was Zinariya, the Queen of Duma and the epitome of beauty in the entire world. The melodic tunes of Yabarake filled the air, as people reveled in their admiration for the child. Each month, a ceremony was held, where people would come to express their love and adoration for Zinariya.

However, as fame grew, so did the jealousy and greed of others. Traders began to exploit the situation, inflating prices to cater to the desires of kings and wealthy individuals. Zinariya's enchanting charm provoked erratic behavior from her suitors, and dealers profited greatly from the infatuation.

News of Zinariya's beauty spread far and wide, reaching the ears of King Sif Sinhau, ruler of the city of China. Recalling a past conflict, the king declared that disaster would ensue if he were to escape the allure of such beauty. The city of China had witnessed a battle, wherein Boka Gaushan had shouted thrice, ultimately leading to the demise of a man who was searching for a needle.

King Sif Sinhau gazed at Boka Gaushan, accusing him of killing the man. Gaushan attributed the violence to the influence of witches in the world. He spoke of a future where power, glory, and honor would crumble like a fragile cake, under the rule of a great hero who would reshape the course of history.

Gaushan prophesied that this hero would wield the world in their hands, unleashing thunder upon their enemies, leaving destruction in their wake. Zaitabbatane, the princess Zinariya, would play a pivotal role in this extraordinary transformation. She would marry and bear a child, who would rise as a mighty hero, forever altering the destiny of the world.

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