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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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BIRNIN AZZALUMAI Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


The city lay in silence, devoid of any signs of life. It was as if the moon itself had withdrawn, leaving behind a desolate emptiness. The western wind blew, dry and harsh. The leaves rustled and scattered, carried by the breeze, yet not a sound reached the ears of the lifeless town.

A stranger arrived, hailing from a distant continent. He entered the city, resembling a hunter with insects pinned to his garb. As he glanced behind, he noticed a sword strapped to his left thigh, sparking a sense of unease. Surprisingly, he encountered no resistance as he ventured further.

The houses and shops of the town were shuttered, their owners absent. The marketplace stood devoid of sellers and buyers. Ignorance, it seemed, was preferable to the darkness that enveloped the night. The traders had likely fled, leaving their wares behind as a desperate bid for survival, evading the oppressive taxes that awaited them.

The city was known as the City of Oppression, a place where the powerful, rich or poor, controlled every aspect of life. No one could escape their clutches, as they held power over lives, health, individuality, and wealth. It mattered not whether it was genuine or not—the oppressor was shielded by formidable forces.

Into this bleak city, a guest arrived—an accomplished hunter named Zaunal. He reached the city center, seeking respite at a well by the roadside. Opening the lid, he lowered the bucket, only to witness a startling sight. From all directions—east, west, south, and north—thousands of troops emerged, mounted on horseback and armed with deadly weapons. They approached with an air of impending conflict, poised to engage in battle.

In that moment, Zaunal resolved to stand tall, emulating the fearless heroes he had heard tales of. The forces appeared oblivious to fear as they clashed with the immense army. Horses collided, riders fell, and chaos ensued. The troops struggled to contain the relentless onslaught, their injuries mounting. Amidst the tumult, laughter resounded, further fueling their anger and bewilderment.

Turning their gaze towards the source of the laughter, the forces were met with an unexpected sight—a peculiar hunter seated calmly, one foot resting upon the other. The sight only served to incense them further, and they charged once more, aiming for Zaunal's demise. Yet, he stood firm, defending himself with unmatched prowess, scattering his assailants until only a handful remained.

By now, the forces realized the futility of their efforts. Their leader, filled with apprehension, spurred his horse forward, wounded and desperate to reach the safety of the king's house. The remaining troops followed suit, recognizing the impossibility of overcoming their adversary.

Inside their homes, the townsfolk cowered, peeking through windows, their curiosity piqued by the unfolding spectacle. They bore witness to the clash between the enigmatic hero and the king's forces, a sight unheard of until that day. This hero had successfully repelled the oppressive forces, putting an end to the injustices inflicted upon them, the confiscation of their belongings, and their relentless persecution.

The people of the town, although weakened, felt a glimmer of hope. They longed to step out of their houses and resume their daily lives, liberated from the chains of oppression.

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