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BAKAR GABA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAKAR GABA


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Author: Habibullah Muhammad Kabara ,

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Emotions ran high as they embraced each other, tears flowing freely in the face of an impending separation that seemed endless. The father's gaze locked onto his son, Yarim Saiman, whose name had turned into a stranger's upon the lips of the ulema witch, harbinger of a heartless cruelty matched only by her own sinister desires. The father, in a voice heavy with sorrow, issued a solemn decree: "Prepare yourselves, both you and your wife, to depart this town. Seek refuge in the mystical cave and find a new life within."

This cave, originally crafted by a sorcerer's arcane powers, bore the marks of his thousandfold enchantments. It had been Saidaya's domain, the soothsayer, for a century, her pregnant state reaching its culmination. Legend had it that whoever reached the end of their tether, would enter this cave and emerge with life intact.

The father continued his instructions: "Henceforth, journey to the cave of Darul Sihir and make it your new abode. However, be mindful that you are not its first inhabitants, as it was created by a sorcerer's artistry. It served as a testament to his craft for a thousand pieces."

In a hundred years of existence, Saidaya had come to know the mysteries of this cave. But now, as the time drew near, her child's birth was a pivotal moment that would mark the end of the cave's miraculous properties. The father's voice resounded, "This is why I beseech you to prepare and seek refuge within the cave of Darul Sihir."

Yet, there was more to the father's plans. He turned his attention to the prince, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. "I implore you to enter the cave of Darul Sihir immediately. Assemble a hundred valiant warriors who will accompany you, along with fifty maids to care for your needs, and, most importantly, tend to Princess Suhaila Nada until she delivers her child. It is foretold that this birth, be it of a girl or boy, will be a momentous event unlike any other. You, my dear prince, are a paragon of valor, and the community has awaited your arrival for twenty years. At that time, you shall attain all the mystical powers bestowed upon you."

The sorcerer, Awaisul Masawi, departed after this revelation, leaving the prince with his final charge: "Obtain a magical sword from the Kurusul Saudam Forest. Its strength is unmatched, and no magic can thwart it. Even after a year of battle, you shall never tire."

The second quest led the prince to confront the Clothstock Monster residing in the Temporal Forest. This monstrous entity, known as Garjaju, could only be tamed by the prince due to the power of his son, Sihiri, who had once dwelled within. No sharpened edge could rival its potency in your possession.

Lastly, the prince must obtain the key to Darul Sihir's cave, known as Miftahul Magic. This key was now held by the demon king in the Giant City, where the demons had chosen it as their deity. Witches and demons guarded it fiercely, possessing unparalleled strength.

With these final words, the prince and his father-in-law concluded their discussion. The prince pledged to embark on the perilous journey ahead, knowing that the fate of many rested upon his shoulders. The king, as a sign of his trust, bestowed upon the prince a golden idol that had withstood the ravages of time. Tearfully, he embraced his son-in-law and bade him farewell.

As the prince stepped away, the weight of his mission bore down on him, while the king watched with eyes brimming with tears.

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