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KOGON ANNOBA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOGON ANNOBA


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Author: Mansur Usman Sufi ,

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KOGON ANNOBA Complete Document Written By Mansur Usman Sufi


In a distant land, young children with extraordinary abilities were captivating the onlookers. They appeared as beautiful men and women, moving with incredible speed and agility. It seemed as if they were destined to surpass all human limits. Every time they glanced back, their strength seemed to amplify, and their already astonishing speed increased further. Observers couldn't help but marvel at their seemingly inhuman capabilities, convinced they must be of noble or wealthy lineage due to their expensive clothing and exquisite physiques.

These exceptional children were fleeing from an unknown threat. As they reached the capital city, the moonlit night provided a glimpse of their impeccable grace. In an instant, they entered a small window, bypassing the city guards with ease. The city's inhabitants witnessed their arrival with trepidation, rushing to their homes while the children continued to run without a hint of fear or panic.

Within the palace, King Siyamul Ansar, an imposing figure with an air of nobility, donned magnificent robes and a crown adorned with pearls and gold. His presence commanded respect and awe. The palace itself was a symbol of opulence, boasting unimaginable luxury, and the softness of its carpets made it feel as if one was walking on air.

As news of the approaching danger reached the palace, the king's guards promptly informed him of the imminent threat caused by Prince Nazmar. Reacting swiftly, King Siyamul Ansar silenced the messenger with a single stroke of his sword. He then rallied his warriors to face the impending calamity.

Among the king's loyal warriors was a formidable and charismatic figure known as Zulwal. He stood before the king, expressing his deep concern and assuring that he was prepared for the crisis. Despite the gravity of the situation, Zulwal's demeanor conveyed a sense of confidence.

With determination, Zulwal revealed that the only solution was to confront the impending disaster head-on. The king and his troops must march out and face the approaching threat with valor and courage. Behind Prince Nazmar were countless soldiers, posing a significant challenge, but Zulwal remained undeterred, vowing success.

Amidst the unfolding drama, King Siyamul Ansar's life had been marred by one great sorrow - his inability to father an heir. Despite his wealth and power, the happiness he sought remained elusive, for he lacked an heir to inherit his throne. The king had sought the help of numerous witches and magicians, but all attempts to conceive a child had been in vain.

One such encounter with the sorcerer Zulwal had ended in a peculiar reaction. Instead of providing a solution, Zulwal had laughed, much to the king's fury. However, Zulwal's laughter had a profound meaning, and he eventually conveyed a mysterious revelation to the king.

Now, standing before the king once more, Zulwal urged him to remain calm and assured him that everything would be alright. The future held a crucial moment, and with courage and wisdom, the king could face the challenges that lay ahead.

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