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GIMBIYA ZAJLAT Complete Hausa Novel Document by GIMBIYA ZAJLAT


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Author: Sanah S Matazu ,

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GIMBIYA ZAJLAT Complete Document Written By Sanah S Matazu


The town was engulfed in chaos as a peculiar storm named Anobar swept through, causing panic and confusion. The storm had a mysterious effect, leading to people disappearing on the walls, and those affected by it were doomed to die in the desert. Thirteen years prior, the city had faced the same plague, a consequence of a rebellion against the ruler of the city. This rebellion, driven by a great crime, resulted in significant loss, especially for the ruler who lost his beloved daughter, Zajlat, the one he cherished the most.

Now, as the storm of Anobar reoccurred, the ruler's anguish and sorrow intensified. The storm brought back memories of losing his daughter, an emotional turmoil that gripped him. Zajlat had a particular place of refuge, and it was in the room of her mother, Sharmila, where she used to hide every year, escaping the devastating effects of the typhoon.

As the dust settled and the walls of the city trembled, the ruler's ears caught a disturbance resembling that of his enemies. Filled with concern, he wondered when Zajlat had become isolated from her protectors. Ignoring her footsteps and the palace, he left angrily, seeking answers.

In the midst of this turmoil, Princess Zaljah, with a face full of anger, confronted the forces surrounding her. These forces were adorned with war silk, metal hats, and carried decorative accessories, presenting a formidable appearance. Zaljah, fueled by frustration and a sense of impending doom, expressed her discontent with the situation, swearing not to accept it.

Amidst her cries, troops brought a young girl, Zajlat, before Princess Zaljah. Zajlat, in a different attire, faced the accusations and questions. Despite her young age, she carried herself with an air of attractiveness and strength. Zaljah, with a loud and terrifying scream, accused Zajlat of lying and ordered her to be taken to the torture room. The scene ended with Zajlat being forcefully led away, leaving an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty. 

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