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BAKIN ARTABU Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAKIN ARTABU Book 1


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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BAKIN ARTABU Book 1 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


In the midst of a grueling battle between the Dabira hero and the Yazila hero within a cage, their endurance and bravery seemed boundless. Despite the intense fight, neither could harm the other, and the onlookers, including the king, were astounded by the escalating conflict. The stakes were high, as the city's war king hung in the balance.

After three hours of relentless combat, Dabira and Yazila, panting and exhausted, decided to pause the fight. In this intermission, Dabira pondered strategies to defeat Yazila. However, to her surprise, she found her heart pounding every time she looked at Yazila's face. Another concern was the charm around Yazila's neck. Could this charm be the reason for Yazila's resilience? Dabira contemplated removing the amulet, reasoning that it originated from a Muslim's hand.

Expressing her thoughts, Dabira threw her sword aside and proposed an alternative to the fight. Yazila, with a wicked laugh, agreed to end the conflict through a physical contest instead. They discarded their weapons and engaged in a violent brawl, shocking the onlookers with their seemingly impervious bodies.

The fight reached a climax as the two heroes exchanged powerful blows, seemingly indifferent to the injuries they inflicted upon each other. The palace inhabitants were appalled, and as the morning dawned, the entire royal house was eerily quiet, consumed by the intense spectacle.

In a separate storyline, Humaira, Dabira's mother, unaware of the ongoing battle, went about her day until she heard rumors of the extraordinary fight between Dabira and Yazila. Suspicious and concerned, she headed towards the room where Yazila had been staying.

Upon entering the room, Humaira discovered Yazila's clothes and recalled the attire she wore on the day Yazila was born. Overwhelmed with emotions, Humaira realized that Yazila was her long-lost daughter and Dabira's sister. Filled with dread, she rushed to the battlefield.

As Dabira and Yazila reached a difficult impasse in their fight, King Raihan observed an unexpected turn of events. The two heroes simultaneously woke up, as if emerging from a long coma. Unfazed, they stood up, wiped away the blood, and noticed the metal cap on Yazila's eyes.

With a sudden burst of energy, Dabira reached for the metal cap and removed it. Simultaneously, Yazila unveiled her face, revealing her identity. The resemblance between Yazila and Dabira was striking, leaving the king and spectators in awe.

Humaira, having arrived at the scene, intervened and embraced both Dabira and Yazila. The revelation of their sisterhood and the hidden truths stirred powerful emotions. In a moment of unity, Dabira and Yazila, no longer adversaries, wept and embraced each other. The profound discovery left the witnesses bewildered and marked a turning point in their intertwined destinies. 

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