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SAFREEYYAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by SAFREEYYAH


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SAFREEYYAH Complete Document Written By Yusrah Musa Abubakar


She sat by the doorway, tears streaming down her face, as if she were aware that her cheeks were damp from the depth of emotions within her. The flames licked at her, yet she remained untouched by death.

Upon the emergence of another woman from the room, witnessing the aftermath of the fire, she rushed toward the sobbing figure, delivering a harsh slap to the back, berating, "Safara'u, are you so consumed by thoughts of inheritance that you'd let me perish? The Shegiya family will face the consequences – whether it's beating the walls or shedding tears, you're about to suffer now that you've chosen the path of indulgence."

The young woman, with her tear-streaked face, suddenly looked up, locking eyes with the one standing above her.

As the woman's life hung in the balance, she covered her face and pleaded, "Protect me with those owl-colored eyes of yours. When I returned, the fire had died. I was on the verge of blaming you, thinking you perished inside."

Suppressing her voice due to pain, she laid down, embracing sleep. The woman remarked, "I'm grateful you perished before my return. Farewell to burdens. What's the use of holding someone else's son? Calling out is futile." She walked away, indifferent to the window's agitation, as if an event had befallen her.

An old man entered, finding her lying down, dropping the cloth in his hand as the purchased clothes scattered. Concerned, he asked about Safara'u's condition, noting blood coming from her nose.

In the face of silence, he attended to her vomiting, staining his clothes. Without a word, he picked her up.

Halkali, waking up, inquired about Safara'u's state. Without divulging details, the old man mentioned a visit to the chemist. Aisha, crying, followed her father out of the house, garnering attention from fellow students.

Under an orange tree, they mounted messengers on the father's vehicle, with Aisha holding her Baffa, while Murtala and a relative followed them.

Asabe, fixing her fire, heard the commotion. Upon finding the spilled soup, she scolded, "You have to serve us. I encountered the golden-eyed girl in front of the plane, in front of the car. Return and find where I mentioned the name Indo. Spit, let's see what dust the mind has settled into."

Yusrah, daughter of Musa bin Abubakar Muhammad, was always in possession of a luxurious Mercedes-Benz, cruising on a picturesque road.

The crowd yielded as the car halted, acknowledging the return of their prince ABDUL-JABBAR. At a grand gate, he honked loudly, gaining swift entry into the kingdom. After parking, they encountered another man, almost colliding with Abdul-Jabbar.

The two brothers, resembling each other, but one with a darker complexion, entered their father's palace. The father, overjoyed, embraced them. Amidst greetings, they shared a moment, picking up apples from a side table and offering them to each other.

Amid blessings from their father, a woman entered, seemingly upset at Abdul-Jabbar's lack of attention. In his defense, he welcomed her, and they all sat down. However, the woman harbored suspicions about being kept away from him.

Noticing her gaze, Abdul-Jabbar addressed her, "Welcome, Ammi. I hope all is well." She sat, her happiness apparent as the king expressed his delight. However, she secretly resented being overlooked by Abdul-Jabbar upon his return.

Frustrated, she thought, "You spent three days back, yet you didn't seek me out. Do you want to separate me from him? If you don't understand a mother's joy, you're not worthy."

Observing her scrutiny, he nervously said, "Welcome, Ammi. I wish you well." Despite the strained atmosphere, they continued their discussions.

Later, Asabe, frustrated by the perceived neglect, confronted Abdul-Jabbar, accusing him of favoring wealth over her. In response, the Emir ordered the ax, threatening harm. The tension lingered as she left in discontent.

Safara'u's ordeal continued as Murtala took her to a chemist. Despite the chemist's examination, the family encountered challenges, including a disrespectful Asabe. Baffa, unfazed, cared for Safara'u until her recovery, navigating through family dynamics and challenges. Meanwhile, romantic entanglements unfolded between Murtala, the ambassador, and Adamu.

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