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Author: Farida Bashir Ummu Safwan ,

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"Abba, please forgive me," Princess Bilkisu cried as she sat before her uncle, deeply regretting her actions. "I went to the state where I'm not allowed to study. Abba, forgive me."

Her uncle, Abba, listened to her plea and then asked, "Princess Bilkisu, what is the reason behind your desire to study in another state?"

Bilkisu bowed her head respectfully and replied, "Abba, I no longer wish to be known as the daughter of a king. I want nothing to do with the kingdom. Being away from our kingdom gives me peace and the motivation to study."

At that moment, Ammi, her mother, spoke up, saying, "Your Majesty, Princess Bilkisu has chosen to come to a town where she is not recognized, solely to pursue her studies. She wants to be known for her knowledge rather than her royal status."

Abba considered their words and then said, "I have heard your request, Princess Bilkisu. You may go to the city of Kano to pursue your studies. If Kano does not suit you, you may consider studying in Adama."

Bilkisu raised her head, her face lighting up with a smile as she expressed her gratitude. "Thank you, Abba. You have eased my heart, and may God bless and protect you wherever I am."

As the family conversation continued, Bilkisu requested a condition from her uncle. She asked that the ambassador accompanying her ensure that she wouldn't have to bow down before people, as it would be a source of shame for her mother.

The king and Ammi assured Bilkisu that her request would be respected, and they comforted her, urging her to stop crying.

After the discussion, the ambassador was called, and although he hesitated to be referred to as an ambassador, he ultimately accepted his role. He was entrusted with taking care of Princess Bilkisu during her journey.

As Bilkisu touched her face, tears welled up in her eyes. Ammi gently reminded her of Abba's decision and reassured her that everything would be fine.

The ambassador, while reluctant at first, accepted his duty and left to prepare for the journey.

The narrative then provides background information about Princess Bilkisu's family and the kingdom of Yola. King Abdulrahman, the ruler of Yola, had inherited the throne from his father. He was known for his just rule, respect for the poor, and the harmony in his kingdom. King Abdulrahman had four wives, and Queen Hadixa, the first wife, was the mother of three children: Abdul Rahaman, Princess Bahijja, and Princess Bilkisu.

Princess Bilkisu was known for her compassion for the poor, which she shared with the king. She was among the king's twelve female cousins, known as the princesses, and was proud of her noble heritage. She considered the poor as her family and was deeply empathetic toward them.

As the story progressed, Princess Bilkisu prepared to leave for school. Her family, including Abba, Ammi, Bahijjah, and Prince Abdull, accompanied her to the cars waiting outside. Princess Bilkisu expressed her desire to travel without an entourage and be like any other student at school.

Abba explained that her companions in the cars were fellow princesses, but Bilkisu wished to experience life without her royal status. She appealed to Abba to let her go alone and blend in with her peers at school.

Prince Abdull offered to take the car key to ensure her safety, and Ammi supported her decision to travel without an entourage. Bilkisu's journey to pursue her studies began with her family's blessings and her quest for knowledge and independence.


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