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MASARAUTAR QAMAR Hausa Novel Document by Khadija

Masarautar Qamar is a Hausa love novel written by Khadija. The novel is centered around the protagonist, Hurriya, a young woman who sells her body to provide for herself and her family. The story is set in Amman Abun Hurriya, a community where the characters live and interact with one another.

Description of MASARAUTAR QAMAR Hausa Novel

The novel begins with Hurriya selling Awara, a type of food, to make ends meet. She sells her widow and receives the money, then gives her clothes to three children she finds along the way. As she walks, she listens to the song Rush by Ayra Star with black earpieces in her ears. When she reaches the parliament, she encounters Zayyad and Jaafar. Zayyad challenges Jaafar to confess his love to Hurriya, but Tareeq is the one who takes up the challenge. Tareeq approaches Hurriya, but she mocks him, although he finds her stunningly beautiful.

Hurriya is a complex character with a troubled past. She is beautiful and charming, but her profession as a sex worker raises concerns among the people in her community. Despite this, she is seen as kind and nice. She is always in hijab, and her beauty is described as flawless caramel skin that looks like miloo and creamy milk combined, and dark brown eyes that are intimidating. She is tall and thin, almost perfect, and is more like an Ethiopian than a Nigerian.

The novel is written in a poetic and descriptive style, which paints a vivid picture of Hurriya and her surroundings. The author's use of language creates a rich and engaging world, which draws the reader into the story. The dialogue is also well-written and reflects the nuances of the Hausa language.

The novel explores the themes of love, desire, and the complexities of relationships. Hurriya's interactions with the various characters in the story reveal the intricacies of human emotions and desires. The novel also delves into the societal issues that affect women, such as poverty, exploitation, and gender-based violence.

The characters in the novel are well-rounded, with their unique personalities and backgrounds. Zayyad is Hurriya's friend, who supports her despite her profession. Jaafar is a wealthy man who is smitten with Hurriya. Tareeq is a young man who falls for Hurriya's beauty and becomes infatuated with her. Mai Malasi is a woman who befriends Hurriya and provides her with emotional support.

The plot of the novel is engaging and well-constructed. The author's use of suspense keeps the reader hooked, and the story progresses at a good pace. The novel also has a surprising twist, which adds an element of unpredictability to the story.


She walked slowly by herself until she reached the spot where she sold Awara and completed the transaction. Spotting three children, she directed them to take her belongings and followed them as they walked at a leisurely pace. Four bulky parcels balanced precariously on her head trailed behind her while she enjoyed the music from Ayra Star's song "Rush" playing on her earphones. They arrived at the parliament building where Zayyad introduced her to Jaafar. Zayyad taunted Tareeq to confess his love for her, but when he approached her, Hurriya remained unresponsive to his touch.

Tareeq was smitten by Hurriya's flawless caramel skin, dark brown eyes, tall frame, and Ethiopian-like appearance, which he considered the most beautiful in the world. Despite the negative opinions of those who knew her profession, Tareeq saw her as kind and generous. Later, when Hurriya returned to her room, she reviewed the comments of her peers and remained indifferent to their opinions. She then performed her prayers and bathed before dressing in her hijab.

After cooking a meal of Indomie, Hurriya retired to bed, exhausted from the day's activities. She woke up at six in the morning, dressed in a pair of blue pants and a t-shirt, and went to the owner's house, where she assisted in sweeping and performing other household duties. The neighborhood head praised Hurriya for her hardworking nature, but others commented on her flirtatious tendencies. Despite this, Hurriya remained focused on her work and was eventually rewarded with payment for her services.

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