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ZUBAR HAWAYE Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZUBAR HAWAYE


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Yola is a town known for its predominantly Fulani population.

In the DAMARE area, people of all ages, including women, young men, children, and adults, gather at the Borehole water collection point to purchase buckets of water. The cost is ten naira for one bucket and twenty naira for three. This gathering is a common sight, especially in areas where there is a scarcity of water for days. Many people who buy water here use it for various purposes.

If you happen to see a girl or a boy buying water at this spot, it is usually an indication that their parents may not be physically strong or may be facing financial difficulties.

Aysher, a young girl, was sitting on the sidelines, and she had a slight frown on her face. Yadikko, noticing her, opened a window and turned on the light. Aysher saw the light and thanked Yadikko.

When there's a water shortage, buying water from this source is more cost-effective than other alternatives.

Aysher had just returned from school and was about to enjoy her meal. However, she spotted a fire from the Nepa electricity supply, which meant there was a power outage. She realized she needed to collect water quickly.

She grabbed her medicated glasses and headed to the water collection point. Aysher wasn't one to make a fuss, so she quietly went about her business. She even had some raw Hausa potatoes that her friend Fatima Alhasan had given her in her bag.

After collecting water for an hour, Aysher made her way back home, carrying the buckets one by one. She had just finished when she remembered preparations for the upcoming Quran recitation event in two weeks.

After eating, she washed her hands and got ready to study the Quran. She put on her hijab, picked up her Quran, and approached Yadikko, saying in Fulani, "Yadikko, I'm going to school."

Yadikko, her sister, replied, "Not so fast. First, go to Innawuro's house and finish your chores there in the morning. If you return from school at 1:00 PM, you must complete the household tasks."

Aysher was puzzled and asked, "Why does Father insist on my education? He's pleased with my studies, and I must continue. There's no compromise on my Islamic education. Why should I work at Innawuro's house? Father doesn't understand how hard it is."

Calmly, Aysher placed her feet back in her room to study the Quran before heading to Innawuro's house.


Aysher Usman Abdullahi is a 16-year-old girl in S.S one at Boko Islamic school. Her father has plans to take her to Lagos, and her mother, whom she has never met, only exists in a photograph. Aysher's father, Ayanda, has been raising her since she was eight months old. Her mother, Hafsat, left to study nursing, and Ayanda decided to divorce her because he didn't love her.

Damare is a neighborhood with a mix of both wealthy and poor residents. Aunt Wuro's house is one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood. Aysher sought Yadikko's help to find work, and she ended up working for Nepa (the electricity supply company).

Aysher's father is unaware of her work, and Yadikko warns her not to reveal her secret. Aysher is hesitant to disclose her employment.

As for Alh. Aliyu, he gave a stern warning to his son about his behavior with women and urged him to be cautious when pursuing marriage. Aliyu had concerns about his son's actions in Nigeria, especially when he had come to the country to pursue a master's degree.

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