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MEEMA FAROUK PART 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MEEMA FAROUK PART 1


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Author: Nafisat Isma'il Lawal ,

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MEEMA FAROUK PART 1 Complete Document Written By Nafisat Ismail Lawal


*Riyadh North*

Clutching her notebook, she struggled to focus, her thoughts clouded with an overwhelming sense of despair. How long could she feign happiness? Would things ever return to the way they were? There were times when she wished she had never existed...

Her boyfriend's voice brought her back to the present. She looked at him with seductive eyes, hiding the turmoil within. A shadow of sadness masked her face, concealing the joy she had once radiated. Her smiles were now reserved solely for her father. No one else witnessed them. No one else cared. This was her reality.

Slipping on her slippers, she ambled towards the window, its light casting a faint glow in the dim room. With a heavy heart, she rested her hands on the windowsill, her thoughts engulfing her. Memories of her life flooded her mind.

Dressed in a short powder-colored dress, she absently tied her long hair into a loose bun, sheltered by a thick black hat. Though the room was chilly, she remained unfazed by the cold. Lost in her thoughts, she stood by the window, the stillness enveloping her.

Moments later, she ambled to the bathroom for a shower, emerging in a towel, her thoughts still lingering. Seated before her dressing mirror, she muttered to herself, "Yes."

A young woman in a uniform entered the room, greeting her in Arabic. "I came to check on you as I heard you were quiet and didn't come out."

She did not meet the woman's gaze and gestured for her to leave. Distracted, she applied lotion and powder, then selected an outfit from her wardrobe. With her headscarf in place and flat shoes on her feet, she grabbed her handbag and left the house.

She proceeded to the dining table, poured herself a cup of tea, and sipped it slowly despite the pain in her heart. Minutes later, she left without a word, getting into her car and driving away. A short walk led her to her school, where she headed to her department and settled into a seat, engrossed in her book.

As the teacher entered the class, she paid attention, trying to focus on the lecture. After the class, her classmates approached her. Esha greeted her warmly, but she remained silent, her mind elsewhere. They discussed their absent friend Zamiya and decided to check on her.

Arriving at Zamiya's room, they were greeted with warm hugs and laughter, except from Meema, who struggled to show her inner joy. They settled on the sofa, where Zamiya looked at Meema and began to speak.

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