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AUREN WATA SHIDDA Complete Hausa Novel Document by AUREN WATA SHIDDA


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Three beautiful girls walked quietly, each holding a jar as if they were going to collect water. Among them, a girl named Mero, often called Mitsss, remained neutral due to past encounters with the young men of their village. She expressed her reluctance to be part of their story, especially involving Prince Hamza and his friends, whom she considered not to be good people. It was common knowledge that even the women married into the Bebariba family, like Riyanatu, had faced hardships.

Their fate seemed sealed as Prince Hamza silenced them and urged them to move quickly. The prince, walking in their midst, was known for his wisdom and good character, a rarity among the young men in the village, except for Gali. He didn't waste any time in distancing his only child from the group.

Prince Hamza addressed the daughters of the MGN, showcasing the girls who walked nervously without making eye contact. His words were directed at Riyanatu, who seemed to be the focus of their fear. A young boy accompanying Prince Hamza nodded in agreement.

However, even before the boy could act, Prince Hamza waved him away, signaling that he didn't want to hear what Riyanatu had to say. This surprised the boy, who was left bewildered by Riyanatu's audacity.

His friend chimed in, praising Riyanatu's cleverness and lamenting the lack of suitable women in their village. Meanwhile, they left Gurin behind and apprehended her, demanding an explanation for her actions.

Inside the room, Riyanatu defended her actions, asserting that she was merely following God's will and harbored no fear. Her friends advised her to be patient, as they believed that significant events were about to unfold.

Riyanatu, with a knowing smile, responded to their concerns by saying that she didn't hold any grudges against Prince Hamza. However, when Marin Dataji arrived, she fell silent, her eyes fixed on him. She pointed her finger at him and said that his mouth would remain full of tears until old age. This statement held a deeper meaning, and the others recognized its significance. They were wary of Abu Dan's words.

After collecting water from anyone passing their house, Riyanatu continued with her day. She prepared food, needing sudaf (a Sudanese spice) that they lacked. As Maghrib approached, she prayed and went to her room.

Umma Alwarlal had also been observing Duke, her friend's son, for some time. When they greeted each other, they expressed concern about each other's well-being.

Arijice emphasized that there was no unity in the community, and something significant would happen in two days. She warned that either Riyanatu had to leave town or not stay in the house.

The community was frustrated, demanding an explanation. Gali explained that Prince Hamza wanted to keep Riyanatu in the nursery.

Umma expressed her grief, crying out, "Inna lilahi wa Inna ilaihir Raju un," and wondered whether it was due to the cruelty of the poor.

In their sorrow, someone could have informed Riyanatu about everything Prince Hamza had said, but they refrained from revealing their concern for her, as they knew that Prince Hamza was a malevolent figure.

The community members offered their advice, and when they asked for Gali's plan, he suggested they spend the night at their house before heading to town. He believed this would provide some protection, as Prince Hamza's father wouldn't interfere.

Umma and the community members, overcome with emotion, began removing their clothes.


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