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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 3 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 3


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Author: Mansur Usman Sufi ,

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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 3 Complete Document Written By Mansur Usman Sufi


Suddenly and unexpectedly, some arrows pierced through the air, causing a commotion as a man screamed, fell to the ground, and writhed in pain. Onlookers turned to identify the source of the arrows.

To their surprise, the assailant was revealed to be a stunning young woman of medium build. Her eyes, as white as cow's milk, gleamed with brightness. With a long, curved nose, a straight mouth, and full lips, her beauty was further accentuated by a slender neck resembling that of a deer. Her breasts were full, her stomach slender, and her waist high and prominent. Adorned in animal skin attire from head to toe, she wielded a bow while sitting atop a giant lion. This remarkable woman was none other than Sulairat, the daughter of the late king Urwat, accompanied by her son Juraima.

Queen Abidat, upon seeing Sulairat, rose with a frown, seemingly perturbed by her arrival. Sulairat caught the attention of Himlas, the beloved servant, who remained captivated for fifty seconds. Abidat then burst into laughter, welcoming the historic gathering of opponents.

Declaring her intentions to eliminate her adversaries, Abidat brandished a sharp sword and lunged at Sulairat. The two clashed, sparks flying as they parried and defended. They fell to the ground, enduring the pain of battle, while Juraima fiercely attacked the palace forces.

In the intense heat of the conflict, the expert duel between Sulairat and Abidat unfolded. The battlefield witnessed their extraordinary skills, leading onlookers to acknowledge the prowess of these heroes.

Meanwhile, Juraima wreaked havoc on the palace forces, causing chaos and prompting a retreat. The mighty warriors engaged in a prolonged battle, surprising and troubling the spectators. The people marveled at Abidat's resilience, questioning why Sulairat hadn't overcome her sooner, speculating that Abidat had somehow secured her life with money and cunning.

As the fight persisted, Sulairat recognized the escalating danger to the city's structures. The clash of swords, the falling of men, and the shouting filled the palace, and Sulairat realized the need to bring an end to the prolonged confrontation.

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