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TAKOBIN JINI Complete Hausa Novel Document by TAKOBIN JINI


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Author: Shuraihu Usman ,

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TAKOBIN JINI Complete Document Written By Shuraihu Usman


Once upon a time, in the Arab Empire, there existed a grand city known as Ashdamir. This city served as the capital and was under the rule of King Gulmanu. From a young age, Gulmanu displayed a cruel and oppressive nature, striking fear into the hearts of his subjects. Despite his tyrannical ways, fate had granted him exceptional strength, and since the age of ten, he had been renowned as a formidable warrior, protecting the people from outsiders' threats.

However, his might did not spare the lives of those who dared to oppose him. His mother had passed away, and his father, along with those who loved him, lived in a village. They decided to migrate to Ashdamir in hopes of a better life. But, to their dismay, within a week of their arrival, Gulmanu began exercising his injustice, suppressing the people's rights under his rule.

There was another king in the city, named Adaline, who was known as Asmir bin Hubbal Sarki Asmir Bayason. Adaline had a strong stance against injustice and would swiftly respond to any reports of wrongdoing. He would mobilize his troops to bring justice and swiftly deliver punishment to oppressors.

As the city resided under the grip of Gulmanu's oppression, a brave man stepped forward to address the people. He called upon the blessed city's inhabitants, urging them to acknowledge Gulmanu's acts of injustice. The man demanded a fair trial, suggesting a penalty of a thousand lashes followed by six months of imprisonment to serve as a lesson for Gulmanu and prevent future atrocities.

The king, hearing the man's plea and witnessing the sincerity in his words, decided to act justly. He immediately ordered a thousand lashes for Gulmanu and had him imprisoned, just as the man had proposed. As Gulmanu cried and sought forgiveness, his past victims watched as justice was finally served.

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