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MASHIN SIHIRI 1 and 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MASHIN SIHIRI 1 and 2


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Author: Abbas ,

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In a vast cave filled with various idols never before seen, there stood a peculiar idol leaning against the cave wall. This idol, once known as Sarkus, now had a sorceress kneeling before it, her eyes covered by a blindfold. She appeared to be studying the idol intently. A mysterious smoke emanated from the idol.

As the sorceress continued her rituals, a sudden realization struck her. She felt the presence of a demon within the cave, though she couldn't see it. Zumbur, the sorceress, rose from her place and began to search for the demon, but it remained elusive, as if playing a game of hide and seek.

Growing weary of her search, Zumbur called out, "Where are you, demon Mardis?" However, her calls fell on deaf ears, and the demon remained silent. Zumbur decided to sit down, her mind filled with questions.

Suddenly, laughter echoed through the cave, filling it with an eerie atmosphere. Zumbur couldn't identify the source of the laughter. Just as abruptly as the laughter began, it ceased, replaced by a powerful and angry voice.

The voice declared, "Hurujul Mahas, I wish to know when you parted ways with this demon. I am Aljani Jaras ibn Safazi, and I have not come at anyone else's behest to claim this demon. My master is a demon from the Jahur forest. The demon you seek will not be found there. The leader of the world's demons has a new plan, and his location remains hidden. You and your demon have separated, and you are left searching."

Zumbur, still blindfolded, replied with a raised voice, "I wish to know if I can see my demon, with whom I have spent countless years. Tell me, and then we can discuss it further. Our bond is strong, and I love him dearly."

The demon laughed again, even more maliciously, but Zumbur couldn't see the source. Then, the laughter ceased, and the demon spoke in a loud, angry tone, "Your demon is already in my possession. I have silenced him, and I intend to fulfill his desires. You will not see him again."

Hearing this, Zumbur cried out in protest, "You are mistaken, demon! I warn you to return my demon, or you shall face dire consequences. You are not as powerful as the one who sent you. I will unleash my wrath upon you if you do not release my demon."

The demon's laughter grew even more deranged, and then it declared, "Human, you should be careful with your words. Threatening a demon like this is unwise. You do not know my true identity or my intentions. If you wish to save yourself from the consequences you speak of, you must persuade me to return your demon. There is only one way for you to escape the fate I have in store, and that is to convince me to release your demon."

Zumbur, undeterred, shouted back, "You are the demon, and I warn you to return my demon, or you will face grave consequences. You do not know who you are dealing with."

The demon replied ominously, "If you hear the sound of fire from the river, it is the demon who approaches. If you sense the storm of plague, it is the evil spirit. In times of great calamity, the demon's actions extend beyond your imagination. Be wary."

With that, the demon departed the cave, leaving Zumbur alone with her thoughts. She desperately searched for a way to recover her beloved demon and decided that she needed a magical spear to confront the demon Bazagas and rule the world.

Zumbur knew she had to leave the cave and seek knowledge and power in the world to locate the magic spear. With determination, she gathered her idols, tied them to her belongings, and began to recite sacred teachings. In an instant, she vanished from the cave, embarking on her quest for the magic spear.

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