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SARAUNIYA JUHA Complete Hausa Novel Document by SARAUNIYA JUHA


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SARAUNIYA JUHA Complete Document Written By Ismail Abdullahi



In the ancient continent of Sudan, there existed a city called Yemen ruled by the righteous King Salimatul Andulus. Among the heroes of this city was Prince Ashraf, a brave and devoted soul. Queen Salimatul Andulus admired Ashraf, seeing her own son in him, ready to sacrifice for his honor and glory.

The King was elated to see such valor in Ashraf and spoke to him, "I apologize for asking this of you, but there's a task that must be undertaken. You must face the lion's den and retrieve something from within. It's a perilous endeavor, but I trust in your courage."

Unwavering in his loyalty to the Queen, Ashraf replied, "Your wish is my command. I shall approach the lion's den without fear, even if it means risking my life."

With a warm smile, Queen Salimatul Andulus encouraged Ashraf, "I believe in your strength and bravery. Go forth and conquer, my dear prince. I shall watch over the kingdom."

Thus, the heroic tale of Prince Baulaki's victory against the once peaceful King Kakus began. The city had been at peace for twenty years, but Prince Baulaki emerged as a formidable force. His triumphs were celebrated, and the young men of Andalus sang his praises like a shining star.

However, despite his greatness, Prince Baulaki had a weakness—a fondness for women. His eyes would wander, and this led to his encounter with a captivating beauty named Munaya.

Munaya's allure bewitched Prince Baulaki, and she cunningly deceived him. Soon, Prince Baulaki found himself entangled in her love, oblivious to her deceitful intentions.

The Queen shared her concerns with Ashraf, who vowed to confront Munaya and protect his prince. However, when Ashraf challenged her, Munaya drew her sword, revealing her true nature.

Unperturbed, Ashraf remained resolute. He pledged to take care of her and warned those who dared to interfere with severe consequences.

The Queen's advisor, the worship teacher, cautioned against Munaya's treachery, but Ashraf's bravery earned him the trust and admiration of the Andalusian people.

Disturbed by Munaya's deceit, the Queen criticized her actions, and Ashraf took it upon himself to confront Munaya. However, when he reached her house, Munaya deceived him with sleeping pills.

The worship teacher warned the Queen of Munaya's intentions, and she rushed to find Prince Baulaki asleep. Furious at the sight, the Queen sought to confront Munaya.

As Munaya realized the gravity of the situation, she burst into tears, revealing her true identity as the Queen's daughter.

Upon learning the truth, the Queen's anger subsided, and she turned her focus to the task at hand. Meanwhile, Ashraf's loyalty and courage continued to win hearts, and the people of Andalus celebrated his greatness.

In the end, the city of Yemen flourished under the watchful eyes of Queen Salimatul Andulus and the bravery of Prince Baulaki, making their legacy a beacon of progress for generations to come.

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